About us

We are a team of tightly knit, passionate technology enthusiasts who strive for greater things. We share this enthusiasm with our clients who trust us for providing them with authentic Twitter profile data and analysis.

FollowersAnalysis is part of our parent organization, Keyhole. We are a social media analytics company specializing in anything related to Twitter.

Our Story

Research is crucial for evolution. There, we said it. FollowersAnalysis was created on the idea of providing genuine Twitter data at prices which were affordable for social media campaigners, researches and students.

Today, we are proud that FollowersAnalysis has made a place of its own and brought numerous innovations over time and remained cost effective at the same time.

September 2018 marked the launch of FollowersAnalysis and we have never looked back since. We have constantly been on the lookout for enhancing the user experience and adding value to our services. This has allowed us to grow by leaps and bounds over the past year and we heartily thank you for that. Looking back, we found that the only thing that kept us on the lead was the support of wonderful customers such as you.

Expanding Globally With Over 43,000+ Sign-ups 6500+ Satisfied Customers 72000+ Analyzed Twitter Accounts

We are constantly evolving

We are always in the search of new things possible and strive to exceed your expectations. Experimenting new things and changing as per the times has allowed us to constantly meet the needs of our clients. Twitter is a powerful tool and we aim to harness its power for you.

Our Goals

People define goals as their final destination. We beg to differ. We have realized that our goal is to add value to the never ending campaigns and researches. This means that we are constantly on the move, searching new things. We are passionate about our work and will settle for nothing less than perfection.