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If you have any custom Twitter data requirement, kindly shoot an email to contact@followersanalysis.com or click on the chat button at the bottom right of this screen. We will be more than happy to assist you with all your custom data requirements

Why choose FollowersAnalysis?

We enable our clients to remain laser focused on their campaign and leave the heavy lifting to us. We provide accurate Twitter data directly sourced from Twitter’s servers and provide it to our clients in the least possible time. FollowersAnalysis is the go to portal for all of your Twitter data needs.

Custom tools

FollowersAnalysis can provide you with custom analytic tools which can help you fulfil your specific requirement related to any Hashtag, event or profile. You can specify custom data retrieval metrics such as

  • Setting a custom date range
  • Keywords to exclude or include
  • Device source specification
  • Demographic location filters
  • Language specification
  • Comparisons and sorting Twitter data and profiles And many other such filters

These options allow you to download Twitter data related to anything on Twitter. Setting custom filters allows you to get targeted, precise and cost effective data.

In depth analysis report
Twitter Accounts tracking and Comparison

If you want to track growth rate of followers or following of a Twitter account or want a customized solution for comparison of multiple Twitter accounts then you have come to a right place

FollowersAnalysis has a very good experience in making customized tools for our customers with almost 100% success and satisfaction rate.

Our customized tools track the data in real time as well as fetch historical data from Twitter and present it on the custom dashboard.

The informative analysis report can assist you in determining key metrics such as engagement rates, tweet reach, identify key influencers and many other such data points which can help you in taking better and informed decisions. This results in you getting a better return on your Social media investment.

Unlimited Twitter accounts data and analysis

FollowersAnalysis can provide you with unlimited Twitter accounts data and analysis for each and every metric you have seen at our website. We can fetch account data for any number of public Twitter account in no time.

It includes their tweets, following, followers, list, timeline etc

In depth analysis report
More than 3200 tweets of a Twitter account

Twitter limits the total number of tweets that can be downloaded from any account at 3200. Keeping this in mind, we have been tracking a number of public Twitter accounts and storing their information in our database. This is something we believe is a very valuable asset for us as well as our clients. We can provide you with more than 3200 tweets for those accounts which we have been tracking. If you are interested in getting more than 3200 tweets for any public account, send us a mail at contact@followersanalysis.com and we will cross check the account details and get back to you.