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At FollowersAnalysis, we understand the importance of data for research and academic purposes. Due to this, we have come up with cost effective solutions for students as well as universities and we have discounted prices for them. For details on the discounted prices, CHAT WITH US!

How can we help you?

We can help you in getting data for your research as well as authentic insights which will serve as a fuel for your academic project. The various ways in which FollowersAnalysis can help you are-

Get Raw data in CSV JSON and Excel formats
Get Raw data in CSV, JSON and Excel formats

FollowersAnalysis provides you with the Raw data directly sourced from Twitter in CSV, JSON and Excel format. You can use this untouched Raw data to perform your own research and analysis.

Having unprocessed Raw data at hand allows you to conduct more studies as well as cross check any analysis report. The raw datasheet includes Tweet id, Tweet URL, Tweet content, User information, Retweets, Replies and likes received and many more information.

Download Millions of Twitter Followers

We analyze the entirety of followers list from any public Twitter account. Thousands of followers? Sure. Millions of followers?

Not a problem!

Even if a Twitter account has more than 100 million followers, we can give it to you in least allotted time.

This enables you to expand your research sample size and get more targeted data.

Download Millions of Twitter Followers
In depth analysis report
In-depth analysis report

The analysis report is detailed and comprehensive. The sheer amount of information that it holds can be a key for unlocking many doors in your research or marketing campaign. Some of the metrics included in our report include:

  • Potential reach and overall impressions created by the tweets of an individual account
  • Most retweeted and liked tweets of an account.
  • Tweet timeline, Week-day pattern, client source
  • Most retweeted tweets, most liked tweets tweets
  • Most popular followers, most active followers, most impactful followers

And many other such metrics which provide immense potential to the analysis report.

More than 3200 tweet of any twitter account

Want more than 3200 tweets from any account? Twitter caps the number of tweets that can be downloaded for an individual account is 3200 tweets.

There is no way that anyone can fetch more than 3200 tweets of any Twitter account. Twitter doesn’t even provide it in its premium or enterprise APIs.

But, we can provide more than 3200 tweets for lots of Twitter accounts on special request. The reason behind this is that we have been tracking ,storing and updating tweets of lots of Twitter accounts since a long time and therefore able exceed 3200 mark.

Just ping us at contact@followersanalysis.com and we will take it further.

More than 3200 tweet of any twitter account
Custom requirement
Custom requirement

We specialize in fulfilling custom requirements for many of our clients. Whatever data you need, we assure you that we can get it for you. Custom requirements come with custom prices as well and a discount for repeat purchases.

You can mail us at contact@followersanalysis.com and we will take care of all your data requirements.

To know more, please go to our custom page here

Get Twitter Hashtag data

We provide not only twitter account data but also Twitter Hashtag data related to any event, brand or individual.

We have a companion site Keyhole which focuses on Twitter hashtag data.

It can track real-time tweets as well as historical ones.

You can also send us your requirements at contact@followersanalysis.com and we will be glad to assist you.

Get Twitter Hashtag data

How can I avail the student/university discount?

It’s simple!

Just contact us with your .edu email id or chat with us right here!

We understand the value of research and you will always find us pro-active in handling our academic clients requirements.