Raw Twitter Data

FollowersAnalysis provides raw historical tweets dataset in Excel/CSV and JSON formats.

PDF Report

Using raw historical tweet data, FollowersAnalysis compiles detailed PDF reports that reveal a wealth of information about the historical tweets.

This report contains a detailed analysis of the tweets of the targeted Twitter account. The data contains information such as tweet id, tweet URL, posting time, tweet content, client, received likes and retweets, user id, and more. Furthermore, the analytical reports contain an in-depth analysis of the tweets. You also get individual sheets for the images and videos posted along with the tweets with tweet id, media id, media URL, and tweet URL for them.

It's important to keep in mind that all our analytics are based on the data that our clients submit to us. We don't guarantee the accuracy of the data.

Price of the report

The cost of historical tweets data starts at $50 and increases with the number of historical tweet ids requested. An additional fee is required for the analytic PDF reports.

It's a one-time fee that covers only one report.

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Download old Tweets related to any Twitter account

Get access to more than 3200 tweets related to any public Twitter account. Along with the actual tweets, get comprehensive statistics for each tweet.

  • Download tweets related to any public Twitter account.
  • Get tweet specific analytical insights.
  • Get publishing time, location, demographic, date, etc.
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Download old tweets
Download old tweets related to any hashtag or keyword

Using FollowersAnalysis, you can get a list of all the tweets mentioning a particular Twitter hashtag or user. Using the data, you can figure out what's trending. Gain valuable insight and metrics by analyzing tweets and enhance your marketing strategy to increase exposure.

  • Get access to tweets related to any hashtag or event.
  • Download tweets related to your competitors social media campaign.
  • Perform predictive analysis and optimize your campaigns to maximise success.
Twitter data you get in the Tweet reports

When you download old tweets with FollowersAnalysis, you not only get access to the actual tweets for the specified hashtag or Twitter handle but also get detailed analytical insights related to the tweets. Here’s what you expect.

  • Tweets: All tweets that include the specified hashtag, keyword, @mention published between the specified time period.
  • Date and Time: Get a complete list of tweets, along with the precise date and time they were published.
  • Tweet ID: Contains unique tweet ID for each and every tweet that is not accessible directly through the platform.
  • Tweet Source: Record of whether the tweet was published through PC, Android/iPhone, or any third-party tweet management service.
  • Tweet Language: Which language was the tweet published in.
  • Retweet Count: The number of times the tweet was retweeted.
  • Likes Count: The number of likes on each tweet.
  • Original tweet or reply: Was it a tweet, retweet, or a reply.
  • Profile URL: Profile URLs of the users that published the tweet.
  • Verification Status: Was the users that published the tweet verified.
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Applications of Historical Tweets

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Perform Research

Academics and researchers mostly use historical tweets data to gauge the real-world impact of a Twitter campaign or hashtag. Twitter data is frequently used in a variety of applications, from assessing the influence of social movements like the #BLM to making stock market predictions and more.

download user tweets
Competitive Analysis

Examine the tweets your competitors post or those related to their hashtag campaigns or events to learn about their impact. You can then optimize your marketing strategy and campaigns and maximize success.

Export 3200 tweets
Measure Campaign Performance

Measure the success of your Twitter campaign by analyzing raw data from Twitter. Using our analytics, you can see how many impressions the campaign hashtag has generated, how many people have seen it, and how many people have engaged with it.

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Identify Influencers

In order for a Twitter marketing strategy to be a success, influencers are essential. They can influence public opinion and increase brand awareness. By analyzing historical tweets data you can identify the most relevant influencers to collaborate with.

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Predictive Analytics

FollowersAnalysis provides a wide range of predictive tweet analytics metrics that can assist you in making well-informed marketing decisions. When to tweet, hashtags to use, and so on. It will help you develop successful marketing campaigns and gain more exposure.

Export 3200 tweets
Access Historical Twitter Data

Measure the success of your Twitter campaign by analyzing raw data from Twitter. Using our analytics, you can see how many impressions the campaign hashtag has generated, how many people have seen it, and how many people have engaged with it.

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Plan Social Media Campaigns

If you're planning a social media campaign, the data from the historical tweets dataset can be quite useful. It is possible to streamline future social media campaigns and content strategy by identifying the most effective tweets, hashtags, media, and URLs.

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Download Historical Tweets

Download tweet data related to any hashtag, keyword, @username, or event since the launch of Twitter in 2006.