Our Exported Twitter Followers-Following Report Comes With

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PDF Containing Analytics

A comprehensive PDF file containing various useful insights which are derived from the raw Followers-Following and tweet data. Some of the analytics are followers last tweet date, Most active and popular followers, Followers' account age and activeness etc.

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Followers & Following data in CSV/Excel

Export list of Twitter followers and following in a separate CSV/Excel files. Data includes followers and following usernames, names, Twitter ID, their tweet count, followers and following count, account creation date, bios etc

3200 twitter archive
Export 3200 tweets in Excel/CSV

Export up to recent 3200 tweets of any public Twitter user in CSV/Excel sheet containing Tweet content and lots of useful meta data like Tweet ID, Tweet text, Tweet post time, likes and retweets received, username, its followers and following.

How to Export Twitter followers and following list?

Steps to export Twitter followers in an Excel/CSV list:

  1. Login with your Twitter account.
  2. Enter the @account name whose followers you want to export/download.
  3. Verify the profile picture, name and username of the Twitter user of whom you want to download Twitter followers and following.
  4. Click on "Add to cart" button.
  5. Complete the purchase.
  6. Export the list of Twitter follower in Excel/CSV from "Your Report" section.
Export Twitter followers and following list

Twitter Followers & Following Analytics PDFs Contain

Followers' Last Tweet Date

Followers' and Following's last tweet date defines the credibility of a Twitter account. It shows since when the Twitter account is not doing any activity. It comes under "Last Tweet Date" tab of exported raw CSV file. It has following information:

  • If the followers are dormant for more than a year then it clearly shows that they are fake
  • A good percentage of followers activeness in past 24 hours shows that they are real and genuine followers and regular Twitter users
Followers Last Login
Followers Account Create Date
Account Age of Followers

The chart shows what percentage of followers created their account in which year. This chart is created using "Twitter Joined Date" data from raw exported csv list. It has following application:

  • It shows whether the followers are real of fake. Account’s age shows its credibility. Old the account, the higher is its credibility.
  • If the Twitter account has gained high number of followers with an Account age of less than a year then chances are high that these account would be fake.
Tweets Count of Twitter Account Followers

The graph shows the number of followers of the Twitter account divided as per their own tweets count. It comes under "Tweets Count" tab of exported raw CSV list.

  • This analytic shows the activeness of followers of the Twitter account
  • Regarding following, you can unfollow those accounts which tweet very rarely
  • Accounts with zero tweets count are dormant and considered as fake or spams
Tweets Count Range
Followers Count Range
Followers Count of Twitter Account Followers

The graph shows the number of followers of the Twitter account divided as per their own followers count.

  • This analytic shows the popularity of followers of the Twitter account
  • Regarding following, you can unfollow those accounts which have very less or no followers
  • Accounts with zero followers count can be considered as fake or spams
Followers Verified and Protected Percentage

The pie charts show the percentage of followers and following which are verified and protected. It comes under "Verified or Non-Verified" tab of exported raw CSV list.

  • Profile verification confirms the authenticity of a Twitter account. If a Twitter Account has high number of verified followers it means it has gained genuine followers.
  • Protected Percentage in followers and following show whether the Twitter account is doing something hidden or private. Lots of people associated with industries like Porn make such kind of groups
Followers Verified Account
Top Followers and Following
List of Top Followers and Following

Theses are the metrics which find out which are top followers and following of a Twitter account.

  • You can find the most popular Followers of the Twitter account
  • Find most active followers (followers with highest number of tweets posted)
  • Know followers with maximum number of likes
  • Know followers with maximum number of lists

Our Exported Twitter Followers and Following datasheets include

Below are the meta data you will get in the exported followers and following datasheets. In the below description term "Twitter account" is referred to all the Twitter Followers or Following of a User.

  • User Id: Unique ID of a Twitter account
  • Name: Name of the Twitter account
  • Username: Username of the Twitter account
  • Twitter Joined Date (UTC): Date of Twitter account creation
  • Verified or Non-verified: Whether the Twitter account is verified or not
  • Bio: Bio of the Twitter account which is mentioned in its Twitter profile
  • Location: Location which is mentioned by the Twitter account
  • Website: URL of website mentioned by the Twitter user
  • Tweets Count: Number of tweets posted by the Twitter account
Followers CSV details First
Followers CSV details second
  • Following Count: Number of Following of the Twitter account
  • Followers Count: Number of Followers of the Twitter account
  • Lists Count: Number of lists in which the Twitter account is added by other Twitter users
  • Likes Count: Number of tweets which are liked by the Twitter account
  • Profile URL: URL of the Twitter account’s profile
  • Profile Picture URL: URL of profile picture of the Twitter account
  • Protected or Non-protected: Whether the Twitter account is protected or not
  • Last Tweet Date (UTC): Date and time of last tweet posted by the Twitter account

How to utilize the Exported Twitter followers data

Followers data export has wide range of applications in various domains

Twitter Followers Analysis

There are lots of analytical insights you can find with the help of followers data export. For example,

  • You can find percentage of active followers
  • You can rank followers on the basis of number of their own followers
  • You can segregate the followers on the basis of their year of joining Twitter

Bios Search

Bios Search

With the help of followers data you can easily segregate followers with similar Bios. For example you can search for CEO, marketing head or other professionals and target them accordingly.

Research and education

There are lots of students, researchers and college scholars who need followers data to do some research or write a thesis on famous Twitter accounts. Exporting Twitter followers in CSV/Excel can be really beneficial for them. There are lots of use cases which can be considered for example

  • Analyzing political impact of an individual through Twitter on the basis of their followers and tweets
  • Predict the followers growth rate and trends
  • Comparison of followers of two or multiple twitter account
  • Finding the percentage of fake followers and many more
Research and Education

Marketing Purpose

Marketing purpose

Organizations can utilize followers data of Twitter account of their brand as well as their competitors' in the following way:

  • Giving special offers to their followers
  • Target individuals, active followers and influencers to promote their products and brands.
  • Giving special discount to competitors’ followers to convert them into your followers and your loyal customers