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Amazon stores can be lucrative avenues for selling your products. The sales infrastructure of the amazon site is beyond any you are likely to be able to buy. However, fulfillment is only part of the equation, driving sales to your store is just as crucial. It is here that the Twitter platform can shine and help grow your amazon store.

The resulting Amazon sales from Twitter promotion can also produce incredibly valuable data. Using Synchronize to log and analyze this data effectively can also help propel you to better utilization of the Twitter platform resulting in even more sales.

Inviting Failure By Relying on Amazon to Promote Your Webstore?

Getting reach and visibility for your amazon products is one of the most critical jobs of marketing. Relying on amazon itself to promote or advertise your store’s wares is not the most effective way to promote, either in terms of cost or, more importantly, reach. 

Despite its ubiquitousness, it is not necessarily the first place a prospective customer will look, especially if they don’t yet know that they need the item! An impulse purchase or directed purchase obviates amazon as the initial point of contact, and you are then left reliant on amazon’s passing traffic for your sales.  

So, although Amazon acts as your store front, it should not be solely relied upon to generate your traffic. Amazon itself understands this which is why it operates one of the most far reaching affiliate programs on the web. However, there are other often better avenues that can be used 

Using Twitter to Grow Your Amazon Webstore?

An innumerable number of platforms and methods exist that can be used to promote and grab attention for your amazon webstore. Beyond the use of affiliate programs and blogs, social media is probably the go-to method for increasing reach and sales. 

Social media has the advantage of being free to use while used by people of practically every interest. Therefore, there will almost certainly be people using social media who will be attracted to or interested in the products you are listing on your amazon store.

Filtering out that group who are interested specifically in your wares is the main challenge, and, among social media platforms, Twitter is undeniably one of the best at doing this with or without the need to use their paid advertising.

Advantages of Using Twitter 

Twitter doesn’t have the same algorithmic control that dictates what will and will not be seen on your main timeline, which most users tend to sort via the latest tweets. Your reach is therefore not compromised and your followers will likely see your messages.

Followers themselves make up an essential cohort for your marketing and sales messages. People tend to follow what they are interested in, making the process to some extent, self-filtering. They are unlikely to follow you in their lists if what you offer is of no interest to them.

Twitter’s Demographic

Demographics is another considerable factor for considering Twitter as a critical plank for the marketing of your amazon webstore. The professional, educated, and monied comprise the large majority of Twitter’s demographic, which offers an additional reason to explore it if you deal with services and products, that are aimed at this market segment.

Twitter is extremely effective at getting your product into the eye-line of those with higher disposable incomes than average, unlike other platforms, which cater to younger audiences or users from all socioeconomic classes.

A recent survey found that 40% of users were in the 25-35 age bracket, while a third of those making $75k and above are active users. When you consider the overall Twitter user base, this makes up a considerably higher percentage than any other social media platform and a perfect focus for your amazon webstore.

How can you use Twitter to Grow Sales?

Twitter can be utilized in several different ways for marketing purposes. The four main distinct avenues that you can use are using the feed through regular tweeting, hashtag marketing, directly targeting your followers by utilizing the direct messaging system, and finally through using the various business tools that Twitter provides.

The most apparent of Twitter’s tools is targeted advertising, which opens up whole slices of Twitter’s user base to your tweets. Twitter advertising patently costs money but its advantage is it can instantly extend your reach way beyond any likely following you can collect.  

The three most cost-effective and fastest ways to reach your intended market are to build up your following, research and utilize hashtags, and send tweets about your products directly related to their interests. 

Using the Feed and Direct Messaging

General tweeting and populating your follower’s feeds is the easiest and most cost-efficient way of using Twitter to promote your amazon webstore. Although the simplest, it is highly effective, as those who follow your account are likely going to be receptive to the tweet and the product you are tweeting about.

Direct messaging followers has an even better effect, and it prevents your tweet from being lost among the hundreds a user’s feed might see every day. However, overuse is frowned upon by Twitter and many people and can be considered spammy. 

New Twitter accounts with few followers will find these methods ineffective because they need more people to target. The solution is to combine your tweets with hashtags related to your product’s niche. 

Hashtag Marketing

Hashtag marketing is the closest you are going to get to extending your reach beyond your acquired follower list without having to dip your hands into your financial reserves. 

Hashtags are generally used to locate areas of interest for a user. They are likely to follow specific Twitter accounts that interest them but also broad topics as a whole by following certain hashtags related to that topic

If you are aware of the hashtags most used in relation to specific products you offer in your amazon store, then you can utilize this information by adding these tags to your product tweets. Doing so extends your reach beyond just those who follow you to those who follow the hashtag that don’t know yet about your offering.

Advertising on Twitter

Wider reach quickly is best achieved through using Twitter’s advertising tools. Niche-specific targeting to a group of users with a particular set of criteria that is likely to make them interested in your offering is easily executed. 

While the disadvantage is cost, tweeting to the laser-focused group is highly effective and, if you get it right, can produce good ROIs on your advertising spend.

Placement is also an additional benefit of using Twitter’s advertising platform, with your promotional tweets appearing two or three tweets into a person’s timeline or feed, ensuring they can’t easily be missed.

The Importance of Managing Seller Data

Beyond the sales benefits that will ensue for your amazon store by using Twitter as a marketing medium, a lot of useful data can be garnered from the process. 

By creating data chains to pull together and analyze all the data together from your amazon store sales, much can be learned. Cutting and pasting of data have usually been the only route to get that data into a workable form on a spreadsheet. But now, the whole process can be streamlined if you sync them to Google Sheets directly.


Using Twitter to grow your amazon store is an easy win in the battle for more sales. With several methods of utilizing the platform, Twitter can not only be a cost-effective marketing tool but also be employed in many inventive ways.

Whether it be general tweeting, direct messaging, or the utilization of Twitter advertising tools, there is a solution for amazon web stores with all marketing budgets. The additional data that is produced can be easily tracked and analyzed by syncing with Google sheets, propelling you forward to make even more sales.

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