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track twitter followers

Twitter has outgrown as a platform for influencers and, you need to track Twitter followers for engagement. A Twitter account that has high engagement with its followers can be assumed as an authentic profile and add value for the users. 

So, by analyzing your followers, you can determine if the content resonates with your audience and what changes you need in your strategy.

The engagement rate is considered to be the most important metric. Although, the follower count still is an important metric at first glance for businesses using social media to promote their brand. Many brands choose their influencers based on their audience engagement. 

Today, you need to engage with your followers to know your audience and as well as to keep them hooked to your brand. The best way to identify the likes and preferences of your audience is to track Twitter followers let’s dive into it.

Track Twitter Followers with FollowersAnalysis

Twitter Analytics: analyze Twitter followers

An AI-powered Twitter followers checker called FollowerAnalysis can assist you in examining the Twitter following of any publicly accessible Twitter account. Analytics for your followers, followings, and tweets can all be viewed separately. Brands and marketers can use the information gleaned from the tool to improve their marketing strategy even more.

Key features of FollowersAnalysis

  • Tweets Analysis report
  • Analyze your follower and following
  • Identify influencers
  • Identify the most engaging followers and tweets
  • Download old tweets
  • Twitter data in Excel/CSV files

Benefits: Track Twitter followers with FollowersAnalysis

There are lots of features and benefits with FollowersAnalysis

Find the best time to tweet

Social media for influencers is becoming a highly competitive platform and it is getting harder and harder to keep the attention of followers on you. Furthermore, posting randomly without knowing the best time to tweet won’t do you any good.

Best time to tweet

To increase the reach and engagement of your tweets, you need to post them at the right time when your followers are online. If you don’t, your tweet won’t catch all the eyes and ultimately will get buried under the large volume of tweets timeline. 

FollowersAnalysis can analyze and let you know what time is best for you to tweet and increase engagement. 

Identify resonating content

FollowersAnalysis helps the users to analyze the most recent 3200 tweets including retweets and replies. That can help you to identify the tweets that have the highest level of engagement.

Furthermore, analyzing those tweets can help you improve your strategy and identify content topics that are most engaging for your followers. These things can help you to improve your growth and improve engagement with your followers.

Analyze competitors

FollowersAnalysis also enables you to analyze any public Twitter account. It could be your competitor’s account. If the account is public It analyzes performance metrics by which you can analyze and evaluate the impact of their social media strategies.

 It can help you identify effective social media strategies and keep track of others which ultimately helps you to expand your social media influence

track twitter followers

Identify Influencers

You can find influencers in your industry who have a sizable following and can help promote your brand to a broader audience by using FollowersAnalysis. You can use these influencers’ influence and authority to promote your business by forming relationships with them.

It provides the users the full analysis of his influencer’s following to know his audience and his reach and the base of his following and his active followers. So the brand could choose an influencer with a wider and more active audience.

Track Twitter Followers Stats

It helps the users to know about Twitter stats such as account age of followers, list of top followers and following, and tweet source.

You can also download the list of your followers in an Excel/CSV file for that you have to:

  1. Visit
  2. The targeted Twitter account’s Twitter handle is entered and submitted.
  3. The next page will provide the requested information along with the cost estimate.
  4. Then place your order.
  5. The report will begin generating after you pay. Reports will be available in “my reports”.

The CSV file report contains all the information with metadata such as:

  • User Id: Unique ID of a Twitter account
  • Name: Name of the Twitter account
  • Username: Username of the Twitter account
  • Date of joining (UTC): Date of Twitter account created
  • Verified or Non-verified: Whether the Twitter account is verified or not
  • Bio: Bio of the account mentioned in the Twitter profile
  • Location: a location of the Twitter account mentioned by him
  • Tweets Count: Number of tweets posted by the Twitter account
  • Following Count: Number of Following of the Twitter account
  • Followers Count: Number of Followers of the Twitter account
  • Lists Count: Number of lists in which the Twitter account is added by other Twitter users
  • Likes Count: Number of tweets which are liked by the Twitter account
  • Profile URL: URL of the Twitter account’s profile
  • Profile Picture URL: URL of the profile picture of the Twitter account
  • Protected or Non-protected: Whether the Twitter account is protected or not
  • Last Tweet Date (UTC): Date and time of the last tweet posted by the Twitter account

Identify inactive followers

FollowersAnalysis provides the users with a graphical representation of the last tweet date of followers. By which we can determine how many of the followers are inactive or bots.

Tracking your followers is really helpful in a lot of ways for an influencer and also for brands on 

Twitter. It is important to be aware of your circle and plan your strategy and content in order to engage with your followers. As an influencer, it will help you to grow your reach and brands will recognize you and for brands, which will help them to boost sales and reach.


Probably this article should have resolved the issue that why we should track Twitter followers. Without the third-party tool, it is difficult to know about your audience’s taste and preferences and their interests. By analyzing and keeping the track of Twitter followers you can gain access to various information and valuable insights that can help you plan an effective Twitter marketing strategy to maximize success. 

FollowersAnalysis is a great third-party tool do give it a try!

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