Twitter Algorithm in 2020 and Tips to Enhance Your Reach

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Twitter algorithm

In the heydays of Twitter (2006-2015), the platform functioned akin to any other social media platform out there. It presented the data in a chronological order and displayed content as per the time it was posted. As the user base of Twitter expanded, there was simply too much content on the platform and that’s when the Twitter algorithm came into existence.

The algorithm intelligently matches relevant content by analyzing various factors such as the engagement rate, relevancy to users, and post type. It also uses different ranking factors which determine whether a user will like the content. Brands and marketing agencies utilize various Twitter analytics platform for getting this data. One such tool is FollowersAnalysis which provides you with an illustrative PDF report with detailed profile metrics.

Although this method is advantageous for users, this became quite a bit of work for marketers. They had to re-evaluate their marketing strategy and efforts to make sure that their content or post reaches their audience. However, we have plenty or ways that can help you in tweaking your strategy and ensuring that your content achieves the maximum possible impressions.

Why Does the Twitter Algorithm Exist?

In 2014, Twitter’s CFO, Anthony Noto stated:

‘Displaying tweets in a reverse chronological order isn’t the most relevant for user experience.’

When the Twitter algorithm was introduced on the platform in 2016, many users stated their discontent with the new system. Many high profile users threatened to abandon the platform. Twitter, in its early days had a timeline structure and tweets were displayed in the order of their posting time in the users timeline. At first, it was convenient but, as users grew, so did the number of tweets. It became quite difficult to track all the tweets that a user would receive on their timeline every day.

Twitter algoritm toggle

So, the platform introduced an algorithm that allowed users to track tweets based on the relevancy and popularity. This algorithm aimed at displaying relevant content to Twitter audience and ensure that they do not miss out on important tweets. This was the new default timeline on Twitter. However, this algorithm was active as a default option.

It was simply a switch from ‘what’s new’ to ‘what’s relevant’.

Changes in The Twitter Algorithm in 2020

Twitter algorithm underwent a major overhaul in 2017 with the introduction of the relevance model when it replaced ‘While You Were Away’ with ‘In Case You Missed It’.

If you are following hundreds, or thousands of users, it becomes quite difficult to catch up on the content that you might have missed. The changes that were introduced in the algorithm in 2017 still influence the content that is displayed in the user’s timeline. The factors that define relevance are much more complicated and are constantly getting modified.

Twitter Algorithm Content Ranking Standards

Twitter states that right after a tweet is posted, it is ranked on the basis of a relevance model. This relevance model is based on algorithms that define whether a particular tweet will be relevant for you.

Twitter algorithm and content ranking parameters change constantly. But, an official post official post on Twitter’s blog from 2017 states a few crucial points to keep in mind when implementing a Twitter strategy and maximizing reach. The excerpts below are a direct quote from Twitter’s official blog:

  • The Tweet itself: Its recency, presence of media cards (image or video), total interactions (e.g. number of Retweets or likes)
  • The Tweet’s author: Your past interactions with this author, the strength of your connection to them, the origin of your relationship
  • You: Tweets you found engaging in the past, how often and how heavily you use Twitter

The Twitter Timeline Decoded

A Twitter profile’s timeline consists of 3 sections. These are:

  • Ranked Tweets: These tweets appear at the top and are displayed on the basis of relevancy. Ranked tweets do not appear in the reverse chronological order and are solely based on the algorithmic calculations. The algorithm picks up tweets from my timeline and displays them at the top. Most of the tweets in the ranked section have received engagement from the people I follow and the algorithm thinks that I will too engage with the tweet.

Ranked tweets are those which Twitter thinks may be relevant to you.”

  • In Case you Missed It: Although the Twitter algorithm populates this section relevant tweets, but the tweets may be from hours, or days ago. This section only appears if you have been away from Twitter for a period of time. Simply put, all the tweets in this section are ranked and only vary in ‘recency’.

(@s8n- the account is now suspended)

  • Remaining Tweets: The remaining tweets section includes all the tweets from your timeline and includes retweets, promoted tweets, suggested accounts that ‘Twitter thinks’ will make your timeline more interesting. All the tweets that are not in the ‘Ranked tweets’ and ‘In case you missed it’ section are included here.

 With the Twitter timeline decoded, let’s move on to the steps that can help you in enhancing your Twitter reach in 2020.

Tips for Increasing Your Twitter Reach in 2020 Using FollowersAnalysis

In order to maximize visibility of your tweets in 2020, there are a few metrics that you must keep in mind. Metrics like the best time to tweet, top retweeted tweets, identifying top followers, and a lot more.

FollowersAnalysis is one such amazing tool that can provide you with all these analytical metrics, and then some more.

Let’s have a look at some of the metrics that can help you enhance your Twitter reach in 2020.

  1. Find the Best Time to Tweet

Best time to tweet

People have busy schedules and they are not logged on Twitter 24 hours a day. Not even all your followers are online at the same time. But, there must be a time when most of your followers are online. FollowersAnalysis can read the engagement received on your tweets and provide you with the best time to tweet. You can then post your tweets at the designated time and maximize your Twitter engagement.

  1. Find Content That Resonates with Your Audience

Top retweeted and liked tweets

Some of your content resonates with your followers and some doesn’t. What if you could get a list of all your tweets that received the maximum number of likes and retweets? FollowersAnalysis analyses all your tweets and retweets and lists the number of likes and retweets received on each of them. Having a list such as this handy can serve as a reference for you in generating more relevant content.

  1. Analyze Your Target Audience Demographic

most popular twitter followers

Your followers are humans (I guess you are as well) and they too have connections. There may be instances when some of your followers have a greater following of their own. You can mention them in your tweets or retweet their tweets to maximize exposure and tap into their audience base. FollowersAnalysis can provide you with a list of your followers that have the highest number of followers.

Every performance enhancing metric is available right at your fingertips. FollowersAnalysis can help you in developing an impactful Twitter presence and maximizing exposure.

Armed with the analytical report, you can be rest assured that your Twitter campaign will make waves.


The Twitter algorithm has changed the way content is presented to the user. It has also opened up new opportunities for users to develop new strategies and build up an impactful social media presence. Understanding how the Twitter content ranking algorithm works is crucial for your posts to succeed.

Check out and make the most out of the Twitter algorithm in 2020.

Twitter Algorithm in 2020 and Tips to Enhance Your Reach
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Twitter Algorithm in 2020 and Tips to Enhance Your Reach
Twitter Algorithm in 2020 and Tips to Enhance Your Reach
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