Analysis of Twitter followers: How and Why

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Taylor swift has 84.1 million Twitter followers as of writing this article and this number is steadily growing. Creating content which caters to the needs of this diversified follower base is a humongous task and would not have been possible without Twitter follower analysis tools.

These Twitter follower analysis tools allow us to study our audience and help us in creating a strategy which will help us in understanding and further expanding our follower base. Twitter follower analysis tools provide us with various metrics such as Twitter age, geographical area, languages spoken and so on. Let’s delve deeper into types of Twitter analytics

Types of Twitter follower analytics

There are different types of parameters which are utilized in understanding and enhancing the performance metrics of a Twitter profile.

Analytics provide us with a lot of useful insights. I will try my best to provide explanations for the metrics that are used for evaluation.

1. Follower’s last tweet date.

This metric allows us to verify the activeness of the Twitter account.  It shows since when the Twitter account is dormant.  If the followers of a Twitter account are dormant for most periods of time, they are most likely fake. In short, the activeness of Twitter followers verifies their authenticity.

2. Account Age of Twitter Followers.

As the name suggests, this metric allows us to see the percentage of old and new twitter accounts. If the Twitter account is new and is highly active for a short duration of time and has gathered more than usual followers, it is most likely a fake account.

3. Tweets Count of Twitter Account Followers.

This metric shows the tweet numbers of Twitter followers. Accounts with zero tweet counts are considered fake or spam accounts. We can unfollow accounts which tweet rarely.

4. Followers count of Twitter followers.

This analytic shows the popularity of followers of the Twitter account. You can check the followers count of your Twitter followers and unfollow those accounts which have zero or very less followers.

5. Verified and protected Twitter followers percentage.

If a Twitter account has a large number of verified followers, it means the account has gained legit followers. Protected Twitter accounts are something which carry out hidden or private activities. Accounts related to porn industry or similar run these types of accounts.

6. List of top followers and following of a Twitter account.

As the name suggests, this metric provides us with a list of top followers and following data for any public Twitter account.

7. Following count of Twitter followers.

This Twitter follower analysis metric shows us the followers count of your Twitter followers.

Applications of Twitter analytical metrics

As far as metric analysis goes, it’s main strength lies with the fact that we can quantify our success and failure rates by looking at the data generated. There are quite a few applications of analytical metrics. We will try to go through each of them.

1. Identifying your Twitter audience.

This is by far the most important data that is provided by the analytic tools. We can tailor our marketing strategy to better suit our audience.

This will help us in achieving our desired goals effectively and will also make sure that the efforts we put later are not wasted. For example, if we are a product based company which focuses on teenagers, we can create posts that better appeal to them. This would not have been possible without identifying our audience.

2. Data comparison

We can have comparison data from our competitors which will give insights into their marketing strategy. We can see how we measure up to our competitors by having measurable numbers and also modify our strategies.

3. Measure engagement rates.

After reading the metrics, we can draw parallels regarding our engagement rates. We can check what type of posts create the highest engagement rates with our content. After this, we can create more posts of the same type which will result in an overall boost to the brand value as now we have an engaged audience.

4. Analyze reach of the posts.

It’s very important to understand the impact and reach of our posts. The more reach we have, the more will be its impact. The tools provide all the data like the most liked post, the most retweeted post and so on.

5. Identify weaknesses in strategies.

The more insights we have, the more we can judge the effectiveness of our strategy. We can identify the weak areas in our campaign and pay attention to the areas which have low reach and engagement rates.

6. Save time.

Social media analytic tools allows us to save plenty of time by doing all the heavy lifting for us. It can quickly provide us with a report of all our efforts so that we can focus on creating and publishing more engaging content without the situation of hit and miss and in the process, saving valuable time.

Twitter Analytic tools

There are a lot of tools in the analytic market which can help us in having a laser-focused approach to our marketing and promotion strategy. These tools can help us greatly if we have the zeal to market our product or promote our services. Although there are many tools for gathering insights, there is one tool that stands out for me-

Followers analysis (

This is by far the most effective tool for social media analytics. The best part about this platform is that it has a pay as you go model that means you only pay for the specified twitter account that you want data for.

It has all the features of a competitive analysis tool like demographic tracking, language analysis, influencers analysis, search customization options and a lot more.

The one thing that sets it apart from its competitors is their website’s clean interface. Everything is searchable quickly and even new users won’t have any issues navigating the website and getting their desired information.


Every business is destined to be successful if it has the right approach and the right information. Reading your audience is the key here because it provides us with valuable insights into their lives.

Once we know what a person wants, we can reach out to that individual and sell the product or service directly to them and Twitter follower analysis provides us with the necessary firepower to win this battle.

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