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Twitter is often used as a tool for communication and making major announcements. As 2020 Presidential election approaches, there has been an increased level of activity on Twitter among the candidates. People supporting them, people trashing them and what not. But who are these people on Twitter who engage with the content to make the candidates popular? Say hello to Twitter FollowersAnalysis!

We, at FollowersAnalysis decided to analyze the followers of 2020 Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Our platform analyzes a number of parameters which helps you in getting a brief overview of the type of followers an account has.

Continue reading to know some interesting facts about the Twitter followers base of Bernie Sanders.

1. Followers Last Tweet Date.

Out of a total of 9.73 Million followers, about 44% of them have not tweeted for more than a year. This means that 44% of his followers are dormant or just casual Twitter lurkers who are active on Twitter but do not tweet. These may as well be dummy accounts but we cannot conclude this without understanding the other metrics as well.

2. Account Age of Twitter Followers

The Twitter account age of followers goes a long way in identifying fake followers list. The thing is if an account has amassed a large number of new Twitter accounts as followers, it most likely that those followers are not genuine. A genuine Twitter account has followers with their account age diversified and in this case, it is with only 3.8% of his total followers added in the year 2019.

3. Followers Count of Twitter Followers

The Followers Count of Twitter Followers tells us about the followers of your followers. Allow me to expand further. This metric tell us about the other followers that your followers have. If an account has 0 followers or following list, it is absolutely a fake, spam or dummy account. More than 1 Million of Bernie’s followers have zero followers of their own. This is not a terrible observation but not a great one either.

4. Following count of Twitter followers

Following count of Twitter followers shows us how popular our Twitter followers are. Just shy of 4 Million of Bernie’s followers have their own following count between 1-100. It’s a good sign that all of his followers have at least 1 one following count. This metric helps in verifying the authenticity of the account.

5. Tweets Count of Twitter Followers

Tweets count displays the tweets sent out by your followers. As is evident from the graph, about 2 Million of Bernie’s followers have a tweet count of zero. This is not a good sign and most probably these followers are dormant or fake accounts.

6. Likes Count of Twitter Followers

Likes count shows the number of likes sent out by your Twitter followers. Higher the like count sent by followers, the higher is their engagement rate. About 2.3 Million of Bernie’s followers have sent 0 likes from their account which I believe are maybe the same accounts which have 0 tweet count as well.

7. Followers Protected Percentage

Protected account are those accounts which choose to only display their activity, updates or tweets to their own followers only. You cannot view the updates from protected accounts unless you follow them. Bernie has 8.72% of his total followers as protected accounts and 91.28% as Non-Protected followers. Having a large number of Protected followers is not usually a good sign.

8. Followers Verified Percentage

Verified followers are those profiles whose authenticity has been verified by Twitter. This means that Twitter has performed checks on that account and deemed it to be genuine. Having a good number of verified profiles as your followers is a good sign. Bernie has 0.24% Verified accounts as his followers out of his total followers.

9. Followers Percentage with URL

If a URL is mentioned in the Bio of a Twitter profile, it is said to be a profile with URL. Having a URL in your profile adds authenticity to your account and is considered more authentic as compared to a profile without a URL. Bernie’s followers list comprises of 11.2% of followers with URL in their Bio and 88.8% of followers without a URL in their account.

10. Most Popular Followers

The most popular followers list of a Twitter includes list of followers which have the most number of their own followers. As per the list, the most popular follower of Bernie Sanders is Lady Gaga with 79.48 Million followers which is much higher than the 9.73 Million Bernie’s own followers. This list can come in very handy while identifying influencers or celebrities in your followers list.

12. Followers with Maximum Likes

The followers with maximum likes are those accounts which have received the most number of likes. ‘Chelsea Anderson’ is the follower with maximum likes in Bernie’s followers list with a total of 1.86 Million likes.

13. Followers with Maximum Lists

Lists function as category filters on Twitter. Followers which have the maximum number of lists are more authentic than followers which have no lists. As per the list, Lady Gaga is the follower in Bernie’s follower list with a total of 219.02K lists.


As 2020 election approaches, the heat surrounding the social media campaigns of the candidates is at an all time high.

We will keep monitoring and reporting all the major updates regarding upcoming elections.

Do let us know in the comments if you wish to see a detailed analysis of a candidate of your choice.

See you next time.


Bernie Sanders Twitter Followers Analysis Report
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Bernie Sanders Twitter Followers Analysis Report
This is a detailed Twitter Followers Analysis report of the 2020 elections presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Read on to know some interesting facts.
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