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trump tweets analysis

Donald Trump is the most popular President and one of the most popular Twitter celebrities. He is famous for his straight forwardness and childish behavior on Twitter.

Donald Trump has a Twitter account named @realDonaldTrump which he uses to tweet through his own iPhone. Be it the discovery of new words like “Covfefe” or cursing Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump has done it all by himself.

Today, we analyzed his recent 3200 tweets which he tweeted between 07-Dec-2017 to 26-Nov-2018 and got to know very interesting facts about him.

We analyzed his tweets with the help of an excellent third party Twitter tool, which is known as FollowersAnalysis. FollowersAnalysis is a Twitter Analytics tool which does analyze public twitter accounts and provides useful analytics along with the raw data.

Here are some interesting facts we have found about Mr. Trump.


1. Trump posts almost 8 tweets every day

For a President this number looks on higher side. He makes sure that the world should be aware of everything going-on in his mind. Except sleep time, he tweets all day long. Here are some statistics:

Trump tweets


2. Only 98 replies among 3200 tweets

Among his 3200 tweets the percentage of replies is only 3.06%. It shows that Mr. Trump doesn’t believe in listening or having discussions but speaking and putting his own thoughts.

trump replies

If we compare this with @hillaryclinton’s 3200 tweets. Her reply percentage is 24.91% (797 tweets). Here are replies percentage of some famous politicians.

Twitter Account Reply Percentage
@hillaryclinton 24.91% (797)
@BernieSanders 6.38% (204)
@JustinTrudeau 6.91% (221)


3. He sleeps only for 6 to 7 hours and tweets while pooping

This is a very interesting metrics. It shows at what time of the day and at which day of the week, Mr. Trump tweets the most or least.

If you see the graph, it is clear that Mr. trump tweets very less between 04:00 to 10:00 UTC. Converting it to Time of Washington DC it is 11:00 pm to 05:00 am. We can consider this his sleep time. He sleeps only for 6 hours. Although on Saturdays and Sundays he sleeps a little longer.

Now, his peak tweeting hours, as you can see, are between 11:00 to 14:00 UTC which is equals to 06:00 am to 09:00 am of Washington DC. Now, I can say that tweeting while pooping is true.



trump tweet pattern

4. Trump posts his own tweets

Someone could say that it is not Mr. Trump but his team which does tweeting on his behalf. Well, I bet that’s not true, he does it by himself.

trump device

You can see in the above graph that 2938 out of 3200 tweets, that is, 92% of all his tweets are posted using his own iPhone. I am sure, he wouldn’t let anyone else to touch his cell phone.

Also, he uses Twitter Media studio, Desktop, iPad and WH Digital as well.


5. Best time to tweet

Although, for Mr. Trump there is no good, better or best time, for him everything is the best. But still, we tried to find out the best time for him to post the Tweets.

We determined it by finding out average number of retweets received on every tweet he posted in one-hour interval.

The best time for him to get maximum retweets on his tweets is between 04:00 to 05:00 UTC which is 11:00 pm to 12:00 pm as per Washington DC time. Here is the table:


Best time to Tweet

6. Keywords which Mr. Trump used the most

As you can see in the table, these are the top 6 hashtags which Mr. trump used the most. Out of which #maga is his favorite. For those who don’t know what MAGA is, it stands for Make America Great Again which has been his political slogan since the beginning.

But one thing is clear that he is stick to his words and that’s a good thing.


trump mentioned hashtags

7. @Users which Mr. Trump used the most

We all know that Donald Trump has tweeted a lot about Obama in 2016 Presidential elections. At that time both the leaders used to write a lot about each other. After the election Mr. Obama reduced Twitter usage a lot but Mr. Trump increased it.

But, since the past one year, Donald Trump has mentioned @foxnews and @foxandfriends the most. Combined he mentioned these 2 handles 113 times. Here are some tweets:


trump mentioned users

8. That’s a lot of Retweets and Likes

Mr. Trump is one of the most famous personalities on Twitter and you can justify it just by looking at the number of retweets and likes he received to his tweets.

He receives on an average 20,115 retweets per tweet and 82,070 average likes per tweets. That’s a lot.

trump top tweetsEven Katy Perry who has maximum followers, has average of 4,207 retweets and 12,921 likes per tweet only.

9. Most popular tweets of @realdonaldtrump

Amongst his last 3200 tweets, his most popular is on Kim Jon Un. Here is the Tweet:

Here are some the credentials:

trump most popular tweets


The above article only indicates the livelihood of Mr. Trump. On the basis of Tweets of Mr. Trump, we tried to dig deeper into his day-to-day activities. The sole purpose of this article resides only to entertain the audience, it has no political influence.

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