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Twitter is regarded as the most trustworthy and fast social media channel for news dissemination. Because most Twitter users are adults, you can expect to see thoughtful discussions and posts. Therefore, universities, researchers, and brands can benefit from analyzing Twitter data. Furthermore, you can always go back and download old tweets from Twitter’s archive if you ever find yourself in need of them.

It is a bit of a hassle, though, to download tweets from the past. You can request access to your old tweets if you want to view only those messages. However, it necessitates coding proficiency to locate older tweets mentioning a particular hashtag, @mention, or an account other than your own.

Here, we’ll look at how to download old tweets that contain a specific hashtag, phrase, @mention, or posted by an account. Let’s get started.

Download Old Tweets of Your Account?

If you want to download old tweets of just your account, Twitter has got you covered. Twitter has been tracking your activity on the platform since the day you created your account. It also, allows you to get access to this data in 2 ways:

  1. Native Twitter Analytics Dashboard: The analytics dashboard tracks the performance of your Twitter profile and provides insightful metrics.
  2. Download an Archive of Your Data: It allows you to request an archive of your tweets. You can download all your old tweets and check the performance metrics.

To download old tweets from your account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login into your Twitter account
  2. Locate the menu on the left of your screen
  3. Click More and then on Settings and privacy
  4. Now click on Your account
  5. Click on Download an Archive of Your Data and enter your password

After you have finished these steps, Twitter will start compiling your old tweets and send you a link to the email associated with your Twitter profile. You can access your old tweets and check performance for any time frame.

Search Old Tweets of Any Twitter Account

While you cannot download the old tweets of other accounts directly from Twitter, you can search them. Here’s how.

Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter advanced search is a feature that enables you to filter through tweets and narrow down your search results. You can search for any keyword, hashtag, and phrase posted on any public Twitter account within a specified time frame.

search historical tweets with Twitter advanced search

Here are the various filters you can use:

  • Words: Specify the words, hashtags, or phrases you are looking for in tweets.
  • Accounts: Specify the accounts you are looking for: The account that posts the tweets, the account that they reply to, and the account that the tweets mention.
  • Replies: Specify if you want to search just the original tweets or the replies as well.
  • Links: Specify if you only want to search tweets that contain a URL
  • Engagement: Specify the minimum engagement parameters of tweets: Replies, likes, and retweets.
  • Dates: Specify the time frame you want to search the tweets for.

Download Old Tweets of Any Twitter Account

Twitter provides access to your old tweets and performance metrics, but it’s not the same for other Twitter profiles. You cannot download old tweets of other users directly from Twitter’s official website.

You will have to use the Twitter API to gain access to this data. Although, downloading old tweets using the Twitter API requires coding experience. If you don’t have the required expertise or the resources to overcome that, you should use a third-party analytics tool such as FollowersAnalysis.


download_old_tweets_with_FolowersAnalysisFollowersAnalysis is a third-party Twitter analytics tool that can help you get access to tweets from any public Twitter account. You can download old tweets related to any hashtag, keyword, @mention, or even tweets posted by a specific account.

FollowersAnalysis offers 2 options to download tweets:

Download the most recent 3200 tweets

It allows you to download the most recent 3200 tweets posted by any targeted public Twitter account. The data includes tweets and retweets as well. The old tweets are available in an Excel/CSV file. Along with the tweets, you also get access to a comprehensive tweet analysis report that consists of valuable metrics that give insights into tweet performance. The tweet data and analytical PDF report cost $29.

Download old tweets archive

It allows you to download the entire Twitter archive of any public Twitter account, hashtag, keyword, or @mention, for any time frame. You can download old tweets on Excel/CSV file or in JSON format. The price of requested data varies as per the scope of the request. Also, the analytical PDF report costs extra.

How to Download Old Tweets with FollowersAnalysis?

To download old tweets, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click on Old Tweets
  2. Click on Request data and fill out the form stating your requirements
  3. Once you have submitted the form, the FollowersAnalysis team will get back to y with the specifics of the data and cost for the same.

Why are Old Tweets Important?

importance of historical Twitter dataIt’s remarkable how much information and how quickly people tweet on social media. Twitter’s real-time interactions make up for its relatively modest user base when compared to other social media heavyweights like Facebook and Instagram. It’s the go-to place for finding out what’s going on around the globe and what brands are doing to keep up with it. Users can gather there in large numbers to talk about and debate pressing topics in society, the economy, politics, and other related fields. The worth of tweets is increased by the caliber of discussions taking place on the site.

It’s imperative that you understand how much information can be found on Twitter. Anybody using Twitter, whether they be students, researchers, marketing firms, or brand managers, can gain access to useful data. This is useful for students’ academic papers at any level.

Researchers are free to investigate issues pertinent to their jobs. This helps advertising firms and companies better cater to their customers by learning more about their interests, habits, and requirements. This information is also useful for brands and marketers in understanding how their competitors are using social media.

But before drawing any conclusions, it’s important to think about every aspect. This is why academics and marketers require a considerably larger sample size (more tweets). But I wonder if they have the time to go through every tweet, evaluate it, and then write up detailed, accurate reports. In addition, doing this by hand might be time-consuming. The result of data analysis is sensitive to even a single typo.

So, it’s best to use the Twitter Analytics tool such as FollowersAnalysis to download and analyze tweets.

Benefits of Downloading Old Tweets

benefits of downloading old tweetsHere are some of the most important benefits of downloading and analyzing old tweets.

1. Optimize content strategy

Building an engaging content strategy is difficult even for most seasoned and savvy marketers. Consistently developing engaging content to keep your target audience engaged is not easy. But by analyzing your old tweets you can find engaging content topics that your target audience likes to engage with the most. You can use these insights to build an engaging content strategy that will increase engagement and keep them coming for more.

2. Analyze engagement

High engagement is what every brand aims for, but now all engagement is positive. Negative comments and tweets can diminish your brand reputation which can lead to a sharp decline in conversions. So, it’s best to identify them early on and engage with them before it gains much traction and goes viral putting your brand in a tough spotlight.

Also, negative comments can work as a source of valuable inputs received directly received from customers when it comes to improving a product or service. You can identify the areas where you lack and make improvements accordingly to meet customers’ expectations.

3. Track competitors

While analyzing your tweets and performance is important, you shouldn’t just be focused on your data, you should check your competitors as well. Your competitors can become an amazing source of new content ideas and effective marketing strategies that can propel your brand to the next level. You can also identify the mistakes they make and avoid doing the same so that it doesn’t harm your brand image.

4. Identify influencers

Influencers are now the most effective means of reaching a wider audience size and increasing conversions. Brands have been consistently increasing their influencer marketing investment in influencer marketing. Although, finding the right influencer to represent your brand is not easy as not every influencer with a large following holds the same level of influence. The influencer must also be relevant to the industry and sought-after by your target audience.

By analyzing old tweets, you can identify the influencers that engage with your brand. You can further analyze their tweets to evaluate how revenant and engaging they are. Doing so will help you find the right brand advocate to represent your brand and increase your social media exposure.

5. Measure performance and improve

Lastly, consistently track and measure the performance of your tweets. It will help you identify your mistakes and even make improvements. You can consistently keep your marketing strategy to draw the attention of your target audience and turn them into loyal fans and customers of your brand.

Closing Thoughts

People’s thoughts and opinions are shared on Twitter more than on any other social networking site. Considering the wide range of topics covered and the sheer number of tweets, Twitter data is a goldmine of insights. However, if you don’t have the proper resources, retrieving these tweets might be a major pain.

With FollowersAnalysis, you can easily download old tweets and analyze them. Insights gleaned from the in-depth analysis can be extremely helpful when formulating winning advertising plans.

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