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Downloading someone else’s Twitter followers allows you to analyze the targeted account’s user base and identify fake followers in their account. Twitter does provide the option to download Twitter followers from your own account. Although, there is no provision for downloading followers from someone’s else Twitter account.

In order to export Twitter followers from someone else’s Twitter account, you require special analytical platforms that can analyze and download Twitter followers. One such tool is FollowersAnalysis. Let’s understand the various features of FollowersAnalysis custom Twitter follower’s analyzer and downloader.

1. Export Entire Twitter Followers List

FollowersAnalysis provides you with the capability to export entire followers list from any public Twitter account. Even if the targeted account has more than 10 Million followers, FollowersAnalysis will download each and all of the followers.

2. Get Comprehensive Twitter Data for Any Account

You can get detailed information such as Twitter ID of followers, Account creation date, Name, Username, Profile URL, Location and many other such crucial information. A shareable CSV/Excel file is provided with all this information is included with the Analytical report.

3. Get a Shareable Analytical PDF Report

FollowersAnalysis provides quick and comprehensive analysis of followers. The PDF report provides various insights for the targeted follower base. I will explain the metrics provided by FollowersAnalysis Analytical report in later parts of this article.

4. Other Unique Information

FollowersAnalysis also provides information about the potential reach and impressions of a tweet. You also get a detailed tweet timeline which lays out tweets in a categoric fashion. You can instantly measure the number of tweets sent out on a per user basis.

Metrics provided by FollowersAnalysis

These metrics are extremely crucial from an analytical aspect. FollowersAnalysis provides a number of metrics that are analyzed in order to arrive at constructive conclusions. These metrics provide an excellent overview about the targeted followers base. Let’s have a look:

  1. Followers Last Tweet Date: This metric refers to the last time the targeted followers tweeted.
  2. Account Age of Followers: Account age is the Twitter account age of the targeted followers.
  3. Tweet Count of Followers: Tweet count refers to the total number of tweets sent out by the targeted followers.
  4. Followers Count of Followers: This metric lays out the follower’s base of the targeted followers.
  5. Following Count of Followers: Following count refers to the total number of accounts followed by the targeted followers.
  6. Like Counts of Followers: Like Count is the sum of total number of likes generated by the targeted followers base.
  7. Followers Verified Percentage: Percentage count of the number of verified accounts.
  8. Followers Protected Percentage: Percentage count of the number of protected followers.
  9. Followers Percentage with URL: Percentage count of followers with URL in their bio.
  10. List of Most Popular Followers: Identify the most popular followers from the targeted account.
  11. List of Followers with Maximum Tweets: Identify followers which have the maximum tweet count.
  12. Followers with Maximum Likes: Get a list of followers which received maximum likes.
  13. Followers with Maximum Lists: Get a list of followers that have maximum number of lists.

How to Download Followers Using FollowersAnalysis

Downloading Followers using FollowersAnalysis is really simple. In the next points, I am going to lay out all the steps briefly which will allow you to export Twitter followers from any public Twitter account.

1. Go to FollowersAnalysis.comdownload Twitter followers 2. Click on the ‘Followers Analysis & Data’ tab.

3. Enter the targeted account’s username in the search box and click on ‘Submit’.download someone else's Twitter followers

4. On the next page, you will see the account information of the targeted account along with applicable cost for the report. This price is variable depending upon the number of followers in the account.

5. Now, click on ‘Add to Cart’.download Twitter followers

6. Click on ‘View Cart’.

download Twitter followers with FollowersAnalysis

7. On the next page, you can enter a discount coupon code (If you have one).

8. Click on ‘Place Order’. Login with your existing account or create an account.

9. Enter the payment information and proceed with the payment.

10. Once you have completed the payment, your report will start getting generated.

10. You can download your reports by heading over to the ‘My Reports’ Section.

export Twitter followers


FollowersAnalysis is the foremost Twitter analytics platform.

It makes it extremely easy to export and analyze Twitter followers from any public Twitter account. The entire followers list along with the analytical report can assist you tremendously in fueling your research or social media campaign.

What are your thoughts about FollowersAnalysis?

Do let us know in the comments.

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How to Download Someone’s Twitter Followers
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