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how to get more retweets

Twitter started as a micro-blogging platform, but today it is a marketing giant. It is also one of the most preferred platforms for users to express their opinions. Twitter users post over 6000 tweets every second, 360,000 tweets every minute, and over 500 million tweets every day. That’s a lot of tweets, isn’t it? The massive number of tweets makes it difficult for brands and marketers to cut through the noise and increase engagement. While impressions and reach matter, retweets are the most desired kind of engagement for brands. They want to get more retweets on the content they post.

Retweets are an important part of any brand’s content strategy. They spend substantial time and effort researching topics of discussions and trends to drive engagement. But, is it easy to stand out among the other 500 million tweets posted every day? The platform is highly competitive and there’s just too much noise.

However, over the years, brands, marketers, and influencers have figured out ways to drive engagement with simple yet creative ways.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the most effective ways to increase retweet. Let’s dive in!

How to Get More Retweets?

You might be familiar with some of these tips if you are an avid Twitter user. But, to those who are new to Twitter, here’s everything you need to know.

Ask for Retweets

Well, this one’s a no-brainer. Obviously, if you want more retweets, just ask for them. It might seem like I am just messing with you, but it’s actually true.

Don’t hesitate to ask your followers to retweet your tweets. You can use the call for action phrases ‘please retweet’ to encourage users and increase the chances of getting retweets. You can also use acronyms to overcome character limitations.

    • Pls RT
    • RT

Pin Your Tweets

Another great way to get more retweets is by pinning your latest tweets to the top of your feed. This way, the pinned tweet is the first thing your followers see when they visit your profile. This gives you more exposure, which increases the chances of getting retweets.

Also, this method is quite simple and can be done within seconds. Just click on the ‘…’ icon, then click on ‘pin to profile’.  And just like that, you pinned your tweet to the top of your Twitter stream.

Tweet When Followers are Online

Posting tweets consistently with engaging and relevant content is essential to drive engagement. Although, posting tweets randomly won’t do you any good.

Tweet when followers are online to get more retweets

The average life span of a tweet is between 15-25 minutes. After this time period, your tweet will be lost in the users’ Twitter feeds. To reach your target audience, you have to post tweets when your users are online. Analyze the performance metrics of your past tweets. It will help you find the time frame when users are online and can engage with your content.

Optimize your posting time, it will provide more exposure and help you get more retweets

Schedule Your Tweets to Get More Retweets

Twitter is a highly competitive social media platform. Brands and influencers often post tweets multiple times a day to keep their followers engaged. Some brands even go so far as posting 12-15 times a day to stay relevant and to keep the conversations going.

However, it does not mean that you post multiple tweets at once. Posting too often and too many tweets can mess with your followers’ timelines. This could also make them unfollow your brand’s Twitter profile. Use a Twitter tool to schedule tweets ahead of time and at certain time intervals. Make sure that your tweets don’t fill your followers’ Twitter feeds.

Schedule your tweets apart, ahead of time, so you don’t flood your followers’ feeds and keep them hooked on engaging content at regular time intervals.

Retweet More to Get More Retweets

Another great way of increasing the chances of getting retweets is to retweet others. Retweeting others’ tweets can help you build quality connections and goodwill with other users.

Find relevant topics, influencers, and followers that are worth retweeting. It can also help you plan a content strategy. You don’t always have to create engaging content! You can retweet others and use their content to keep your users engaged. Promoting your tweets is essential, but sometimes promoting others’ tweets can pay off really well.

Chris Brogan, the host of the ‘Backpack Show’ applies the 15:1 ratio rule when it comes to retweets. For every tweet of his that he promotes, he retweets the tweets of 15 followers.

The option to post a comment is also a creative space you can explore to increase retweets for your brand.

Engage with Other Brands
Engaging with other brands can help you build conversations well as increases the chances to get to more retweets. Conversations between brands on Twitter are often quite hilarious and attract the attention of a lot of users. Monitor tweets of other brands, they don’t have to be from the same industry. Find brands that often use a bit of humor in their tweets, they can create trending conversations and increase the chances of getting retweets.

Use Hashtags to Get More Retweets

Hashtags are among the most effective ways to increase the reach and engagement of your content. A study conducted by Microsoft Research concluded that tweets with a hashtag are 18% more likely to be retweeted compare to tweets without a hashtag. Although avoid using too many of them as tweets with 3 or more hashtags are less likely to be retweeted.
You can also create a hashtag for your brand or marketing campaigns. It will make it easier for users to find your content, increase exposure, and help you get more retweets.

Join trending conversations

Trending ongoing conversations can be a great help in increasing retweets. Identify trending conversations relevant to your brand or industry and engage with the other users. It will help you increase brand awareness and increase follower count. Most importantly, engaging in trending ongoing conversations can help you build conversations related to your brand and increase the chances of getting more retweets.

Tweet Links to Get More Retweets 

Twitter users check their timelines multiple times a day for relevant news, informational post, and instructional blogs or videos. Brands and influencers often use include URLs in their tweets to share relevant information from various sources.

Microsoft Research’s Conversational Aspects of Retweeting on Twitter concludes that over 52% of all retweeted tweets contain a URL. Tweets guiding to an online information source are more sought-after by Twitter users. Make sure to add URL/links in your tweets to get more retweets.

Get Your Tweets Performance Metrics

The next and last thing to do is to monitor the performance of your tweets. Monitoring and analyzing the performance metrics of your tweets can help you access valuable insights to boost your Twitter strategy. It can help you understand your target audience, identify resonating content, optimize posting time, identify trends, and much more.

These insights can help you increase retweets, brand awareness, brand reputation, conversion rates, etc. Plan effective Twitter marketing campaigns and increase expand your brand’s social media horizons.

Use Retweetable Words

Dan Zarella conducted a study in which she analyzed over 30 million tweets. It helped her identify the 20 most retweetable and 20 least retweetable words.

use most retweets words to get more retweets

If you want to get more retweets, make sure to use the words that are more likely to be retweeted. Also, avoid using the least retweeted words.

Tweet Quotes

Posting inspiring or guidance quotes is an amazing way to get more retweets. It easier for users to connect with and eventually leads to a retweet. No matter which platform you post it on, it’s a surefire way of increasing retweets. Make sure to include quotes related to your industry.


Twitter analytics tool to help get more retweets

FollowersAnalysis is a Twitter analytics tool that can help you analyze the Twitter activity and engagement metrics of any public Twitter account. It can also analyze the Twitter followers of any public Twitter account, regardless of how big of a follower base an account has. Analyze the past 3200 tweets of any public Twitter account and get access to analytical PDF reports with tons of insights to boost your content strategy.

Key features of FollowersAnalysis,

  • Profile analysis reports of any public Twitter account
  • Analyze Twitter followers of public Twitter accounts
  • Download PDF reports along with Excel files of tweets and followers
  • Identify influencers as well as inactive followers
  • No subscriptions. Pay for only what you need.

Prices start at $29 for tweet reports and $39 onwards for follower analysis reports

Closing Thoughts

These are all the tips I know that can help you get more retweets. They might sound too obvious, but have you actually tried all these methods. Collectively these tips can help you generate brand awareness, enhance engagement, and increase conversion rates for your brand. To further enhance your Twitter strategy, use a Twitter analytics tool. FollowersAnalysis is a great tool that you can use to access the performance metrics of any public Twitter account and provide actionable insights.

If I missed anything, let me know in the comments. Adios!

Get More Retweets with These Simple Twitter Hacks
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Get More Retweets with These Simple Twitter Hacks
The article explains ways brands and marketers can increase retweets on Twitter to increase engagement and social media presence.
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