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Brands, marketers, and researchers often need to export Twitter data to Excel. It makes it easier for software services to work on and analyze the data. FollowersAnalysis can help you do this with ease and provides comprehensive analytical reports along with it.

It includes an in-depth analysis of the targeted Twitter account’s followers and following along with an Excel CSV of the said data. It also offers an analysis of the most recent 3200 tweets including retweets and replies. Furthermore, you can also get custom Twitter data related to any hashtag, keyword, or @mention in CSV, Excel, and JSON formats.

How to Export Twitter Data to Excel?

Here’s how you can export Twitter data.

  • Go to
  • Now enter your targeted Twitter account’s username and click submit
  • The next page will show you the summary of requested data and the cost estimate
  • Once you have verified the details click “Add to cart” and then “View cart”
  • Now process the payment and your report will start generating
  • You will get an email notification once the report is ready to download

Twitter Data you Get with FollowersAnalysis

FollowersAnalysis provides 2 types of reports.

  1. User Tweet Analysis and Data
  2. FollowersAnalysis and Data

User Tweet Analysis

export Twitter data in Excel

This report contains a detailed analysis of the most recent 3200 tweets of the targeted Twitter account. The data contains information such as tweet id, tweet URL, posting time, tweet content, client, received likes and retweets, user id, and more. Furthermore, the analytical reports contain an in-depth analysis of the tweets. You also get individual sheets for the images and videos posted along with the tweets with tweet id, media id, media URL, and tweet URL for them.

Followers Analysis and Data

Twitter followers data

What differentiates the Followers Analysis report from the Tweet Analysis report is apart from tweets it offers the data and analysis of your followers and following. It tweets data is the same as what is included in the tweets report. As for the follower data, it includes user id, follower name, username, Twitter joining date, verified/non-verified, bio, location, tweet/like/following/followers/lists counts, and profile URL, among others. Similarly, individual analytical reports along with each of the Excel files contain valuable insights.

Custom Twitter Datasets

Often brands, marketers, and researchers need custom Twitter datasets for research purposes, competitor analysis, or analyzing the impact of implemented strategies. FollowersAnalysis offers an option to request custom Twitter datasets which the user can export into Excel CSV or JSON formats. You can export Twitter data related to any hashtag, keyword, or @mention.

Closing Thoughts

Twitter data is a goldmine of valuable insights that brands and marketers can use to make informed decisions. They can analyze the impact of implemented strategies, analyze trends, detect flaws in previous marketing strategies, measure success, or even perform competitor analysis. So, get started with FollowersAnalysis and export Twitter data in Excel CSV or JSON formats with ease.

How to Export Twitter Data to an Excel Sheet
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How to Export Twitter Data to an Excel Sheet
How to Export Twitter Data to an Excel Sheet
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