How to Export Twitter Following List to CSV/Excel?

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Twitter does not allow exporting following list for any public Twitter accounts natively and this creates a situation when this entire process of exporting Twitter following list becomes tedious and time consuming.
How can I easily export following list of any Twitter account? Which following accounts are the most active? Which accounts tweet frequently? Who are the most popular influencers in the following list? Let’s find answers to all these questions!

If the following number is less, it may be feasible to copy and paste each account information. However, let’s say the following number is greater, what would you do?

Copying and pasting individual following accounts from the following list is not only time consuming but it also creates un-necessary hassles.

Many Twitter users don’t know this but Twitter allows individual users to export their own account data from its platform. This method only works in order to export data from your own account. I have mentioned the steps below in order to export entire following and followers list with various other metadata such as tweets, location, device source and many other such data. Here are the steps:

Steps to download your own following list through Twitter desktop website

  1. Go to and Log in.
  2. On the left pane of the landing page, click ‘More’.
  3. After that, click on ‘Settings and privacy’.
  4. On the right pane of the landing page, there is an option named as ‘Data and permissions’.
  5. Under ‘Data and permissions’, click on ‘Your Twitter data’.
  6. Below ‘Your Twitter data’ tab, click on ‘Download your data’.

Now let’s move on to the steps for downloading Twitter data from the official android app.

Steps for Twitter Android application (Only for own account)

  1. Open the Twitter app and after logging in, click on the profile picture situated on the upper left corner.
  2. On the hamburger menu, click on ‘Settings and privacy’, and after that, click on ‘Account’.
  3. In the ‘Account’ menu, click on ‘Your Twitter data’.
  4. The final step is to click on ‘Your Twitter data’ and you will be provided with a link which will allow you to download all your Twitter data.

These steps allow you to easily download your own Twitter data from your account.

Steps for downloading Twitter following list for any public account using FollowersAnalysis

Now, suppose you wish to export Twitter following list of any public account. What would you do? Twitter only allows exporting this data of your own account.

Keeping this requirement in mind, we have created an excellent 3rd party tool called FollowersAnalysis which allows you to export entire Twitter following list of any public Twitter account in just a few clicks.

An insightful report is also generated which allows you to understand your following list, tweet information, location, client source of the tweets from the following list and various other meta data which is presented in a beautiful PDF report.

The native download option from Twitter does not have insights into the account data. FollowersAnalysis AI driven algorithms analyze the data and come up with valuable insights which allow you to make better decisions in the long run.

FollowersAnalysis is a paid platform and below are the steps which can be followed in order to export Twitter following list of any public Twitter account.

  1. Go to
  2. Type in the Twitter handle of the profile for which you wish to download the data and click on submit. Login to your own Twitter account if prompted.
  3. The next page will immediately give the required account details and provide us with a cost estimate. Kindly remember that the cost varies as per the account information.
  4. Click on “Add to cart” and after that, click on “View cart”.
  5. In Cart, you can click on pay button to make the payment and the report will be ready to download within seconds.

FollowersAnalysis reports are generated in real-time hence there might be a slight delay in the report getting generated if there is a large number of accounts in the following list.

An inside look into Twitter Following/Followers raw CSV data file

Twitter following analysis raw CSV file contains an all-inclusive report with metadata such as:

  • User Id: Unique ID of a Twitter account
  • Name: Name of the Twitter account
  • Username: Username of the Twitter account
  • Twitter Joined Date (UTC): Date of Twitter account creation
  • Verified or Non-verified: Whether the Twitter account is verified or not
  • Bio: Bio of the Twitter account which is mentioned in its Twitter profile
  • Location: Location which is mentioned by the Twitter account
  • Website: URL of website mentioned by the Twitter user
  • Tweets Count: Number of tweets posted by the Twitter account
  • Following Count: Number of Following of the Twitter account
  • Followers Count: Number of Followers of the Twitter account
  • Lists Count: Number of lists in which the Twitter account is added by other Twitter users
  • Likes Count: Number of tweets which are liked by the Twitter account
  • Profile URL: URL of the Twitter account’s profile
  • Profile Picture URL: URL of profile picture of the Twitter account
  • Protected or Non-protected: Whether the Twitter account is protected or not
  • Last Tweet Date (UTC): Date and time of last tweet posted by the Twitter account

Analytics derived from Twitter Following/Followers data file

The report consists of statistics which are beautifully illustrated. Let’s delve deeper into the analytics which are derived from the CSV report:

1: Followers and following last tweet date

The last tweet date verifies since when the account’s following is not doing any activity. This metric shows us which of your followers are fake based on their level of activity.

2: Account age of following and followers

The Twitter account age of following and followers shows you what percentage of your following and followers created their Twitter account in any given year. This can help you in differentiating the number of accounts which are relatively new. The greater the account age, the greater its credibility.

3: Tweets count of Twitter account following and followers

The graph shows the number of following/followers of the Twitter account divided as per their own tweets count. It comes under “Tweets Count” tab of exported raw CSV list. Accounts with zero tweets are dormant and considered as spam or fake.

4: Followers count of Twitter account following/followers

This analytic shows us the popularity of following/followers of your Twitter account. Accounts with zero followers count are considered as fake accounts.

5: Following verified and protected percentage

Profile verification status confirms that a Twitter account is authentic. It shows that the account is indeed genuine. Accounts which are protected carry out hidden activities such as posts which may not be visible to people outside the group.

6: List of top followers and following

We also get the list of most popular and most active followers of a Twitter account along with the followers list with maximum number of likes and followers.

Applications of Twitter data analytics report

In today’s data driven world, Twitter followers list and analysis reports provide us with great insights into the target audience. We can predict various aspects of the tracked Twitter accounts and draw conclusions from the data. Some of the applications of data analytics report include-

1: Get information regarding the audience behavior such as engagement ratio which is otherwise not visible on Twitter.

2: Identify if an individual has fake or bot followers by looking at various parameters such as follower account age and activeness on Twitter.

3: Get various other Twitter follower details such as client source, languages spoken and other intricate details which are not visible by any other method.


This article explains the steps which will allow you to export Twitter following list from your own account as well as any public account. Twitter analytical tools such as FollowersAnalysis have made it really easy to get this data in a few clicks and in turn save your valuable time.

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