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Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., America’s 46th president, was born on 20th November 1942 (age 78 years). Joe was the 47th vice president who served under Barack Obama. He also represented Deleware in the United States Senate from 1973-2009. During his term as the senator, he was a long-time member of the Foreign Relations Committee and eventually became the chairman. He also served as the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and dealt with key issues like drug policy, crime prevention, and civil liberties. 

In April 2019, he made a video-announcement that he will be running for the United State’s 2020 presidential elections, focusing mainly on how bad of a president Donald Trump is. Mr. Biden said that if Trump gets elected “He will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation.”

Americans took this to heart, and Biden won the elections on 20th January 2021, to become the 46th president of the United States. 

In this post, we have analyzed the most recent 3200 tweets of Joe Biden with FollowersAnalysis, a Twitter analytics tool. These are the interesting facts that we found out.

Let’s dive in.

1. Original Tweet, Retweet, and Reply Percentage

We used FollowersAnalysis to perform a detailed tweet analysis of the most recent 3200 tweets sent out by Joe Biden. The analyzed data includes tweets, retweets, and replies.Tweet analysis

From the total count, Joe’s tweets cover 89.00% of them. As you can see from the above statistics, Biden has been fairly active on Twitter posting 2848 unique tweets.

Although, his retweet count is 259 which is only 8.09% of the total tweets, and merely 98 (2.19%) replies. With these metrics, one thing is sure that he likes to devote his time to promote his ideas, rather than replying or retweeting. 

2. Tweet Timeline

Tweet timeline shows a graph representing tweets per month. With this metric, you can identify the months the user was most or least active.

Joe Biden tweet analysis report: tweet timeline

Biden’s tweets were consistent at the start of the year 2020. But a month before the American elections, his tweet count rose to 574, the highest till now. However, his tweet rate declined after he won the 2020 presidential election. Maybe he centered his attention towards planning a strategy for his duties as a President. We are no one to question it.

3. Client Source

This metric tells you the client sources that Joe Biden uses to post tweets.

Twitter client source: Joe Biden Tweet analysis report

Biden rarely uses his iPhone for tweeting, most of his tweets are posted through other client sources. It may indicate that his posts are critically analyzed before being publicly posted. Maximum of the tweets on his profile are done using TweetDeck. Twitter Media Studio and Twitter web app are some other client sources used frequently.

4. Week - Day peak usage pattern

This is a table that shows the pattern followed by the user to post tweets. For instance, it is less likely that a user will tweet on a Sunday morning, but it will be the opposite on a Wednesday afternoon.

week - day usage pattern: Joe Biden Tweet analysis report

Seeing the above table, you can identify that Joe Biden stays inactive from 7:00 to 11:00 AM, as the tweet count is 0 for all days. Biden tweets heavily on weekdays like Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. His tweet count is the lowest during the weekends.

5. Best Time to Tweet

The best time to tweet identifies the time-frame in which your tweets receive the most engagement. It is based on the performance metrics of your previous tweet. 

Best time to tweet

For Joe Biden, the best time to tweet is between 12 pm and 1 pm (UTC). It is the time frame when his followers are most active and helps drive engagement on his tweets. It is also the time frame when Biden is most active. Look how that worked out!

6. Most Mentioned Keywords

This metric tells you the hashtags which were frequently used by Joe Biden in his tweets.

most mentioned keywords: Joe Biden Tweet analysis report

Biden has used #demconvention and #demdebate several times, as he is highly attentive to the Democratic Presidential elections. Other than that, he promotes himself and the voting day too using hashtags like #teambiden and #voteearlyday.

7. Most Mentioned Username

This metric lists @mentions that the targeted account has frequently mentioned in his/her tweets.

 most mentioned username

Biden has often mentioned politicians like Kamala Harris, Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg, in his tweets. The second most mentioned username is Joe Biden himself. He has also mentioned his wife and the former president Barack Obama in his tweets.

8. Top Retweeted and Liked Tweets

These metrics offer the most retweeted and liked tweets posted by Joe Biden.

Top retweeted and liked tweets: Joe Biden Tweet analysis report

Biden’s top retweeted tweet is the second most-liked tweet too. This tweet was posted after the counting of votes, and it was clear that Biden won most of them. He thanked Americans for choosing him as their leader, and it was retweeted 613.54K times. His most liked tweet has over 4.24 million likes. It was posted on 20th January 2021, when he was going to be officially inaugurated as the 46th President of America.


Biden has won the 2020 presidential election race, and by the looks of these metrics, we can conclude that he is devoting his time to political and social issues instead of tweeting. 

Twitter is used widely for political and marketing purposes. One can research the behavior of any political leader or brand through this analysis report. And put the resulting tactics into use to increase brand engagement and performance clarity.

This performance report ends here.

Let us know if you want a Twitter analysis of any other political leader, and FollowersAnalysis will do it!

Until next time!

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