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On December 2013, Apple purchased for $200 Million without any explanations as to what their future plans might be. This action created a void in Twitter analytics which pushed users to find Topsy alternatives. Was Apple turning into a social media analytics company? Is Apple working on a social network of their own and require services provided by for its Twitter FollowersAnalysis?

Turns out all the assumptions were false. Apple absorbed the services and algorithms of Topsy but not as a social media tool.

Topsy was an analytical tool used by millions of individuals and organizations all around the world. The ability of Topsy to quickly search and analyze millions of tweets in a short span of time was a technological feat. of its own.

Back then, Apple’s very own iOS 9 was on the horizon and was released on September 16 2015. There was an assumption that Apple may require the searching and indexing capabilities of Topsy implemented in iOS 9 and there was no way of replicating these algorithms other than taking over the company.

This assumption was further solidified when navigating to redirected to Apple’s page- ‘How to use search on iOS 9’.

These sorts of take-overs are common in the tech world but Apple being Apple, chose to keep things under wraps.

On December 16 2015, was shut down by Apple. The platform which pioneered Twitter data analysis closed its doors.

Topsy was so intertwined with Twitter that it took Apple 2 full years to shut it down. Acquiring a $200 Million company and then shutting it down is something only a tech giant like Apple could do.

Moving on, we have come a long way since Topsy was shut down. The analytical platforms have evolved and we have much better and advanced options available now.

We looked over and analyzed a number of platforms which provide analytical services with the data and analysis quality levels equal to or even higher than what Topsy provided.

Here is the curated list for Twitter analytical tools which can provide you with Twitter data analysis reports at par with Topsy.

1. TrackMyHashtag as a Topsy alternative

TrackMyhashtag is a Twitter hashtag analytics platform that provides you with real-time or historical Twitter data related to anything on Twitter such as keyword, mention, hashtag, reply, etc. TrackMyhashtag can provide you with historical Twitter data dating back to 2006. Some of the key features of TrackMyHashtag include:

  • Real-time hashtag tracking
  • Historical hashtag data
  • Competition analysis
  • Downloadable RAW data in Excel (CSV) format

TrackMyHashtag pricing starts at $49/Month for 2 trackers.

2. FollowersAnalysis

FollowersAnalysis a topsy alternative

FollowersAnalysis custom AI-driven Twitter data tracking and analysis is extremely functional and detailed. The sheer amount of metrics and insights that FollowersAnalysis provides can cement its position as an excellent Topsy alternative. Their clients include Audi AG, Berkley University, Harvard Medical School, Comcast, and many other reputed organizations.

A FollowersAnalysis Twitter analytical report consists of various metrics such as:

  • Followers last tweet date
  • Followers account age
  • Followers tweet count
  • Most popular followers

And many other such insightful metrics. You can also download a raw data report in Excel (CSV) format which retrieve from Twitter servers so that you can perform your very own analysis or data verification. FollowersAnalysis has a pay-as-you-go payment model so that you don’t have to worry about pesky subscriptions and their prices start at just $29 for tweets report and $39 for account analytics report.

3. TweetBinder

topsy alternative

TweetBinder is an amazing Twitter analytics tool that can track, monitor, and analyze the performance metrics of any public Twitter profile. The tool can also help you track the performance metrics of your tweet in real-time. Apart from Twitter analytics, TwetBinder can also help you extract historical Twitter data related to any hashtag, @mention, or keyword.

  • Twitter account analysis
  • Analyze reach and impressions
  • Real-time hashtag tracking
  • Analyze real-time engagement metrics

You can track hashtag performance metrics and analyze the reach and engagement of your tweets in real-time.

TweetBinder’s pricing plans start at $47 per month.

4. TweetReach

TweetReach by Union metrics allows you to get quick insights with free Twitter analytics report. TweetReach analytics report consists of information such as potential reach, impressions, conversation size and much more which result in TweetReach becoming a very good Topsy alternative. Some of the features of TweetReach analytical report include:

  • Reach of the tweets
  • Exposure of the tweets
  • Tweet activity
  • Tweet type
  • Top contributors
  • Top tweets

And many other detailed metrics. TweetReach follows a subscription based model and their prices start at $49/month which, in my opinion, is a bit on the higher side as compared to other Twitter analytical platforms.

5. Keyhole

Keyhole is a Twitter analytic tool which provides advanced hashtag analytics, social media monitoring and analytics. They provide tracking on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram with more site to be added soon. A Keyhole account analysis provides you with

  • Hashtag analysis
  • Real time data tracking
  • Quick analysis and report generation
  • Influencer analytics.

Talking about the pricing, Keyhole prices start at $179/Month and goes up to $999 for enterprise customers, which is pretty steep.


Topsy is dead. There is no changing that fact. Fortunately we now have advanced Twitter account analytics platforms which serve as excellent Topsy alternatives.

You can give any of these services a try and I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

This marks the end of this post. Do let us know in the comments what do you think about these analytical tools.


Top 5 Topsy alternatives in 2019
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Top 5 Topsy alternatives in 2019
This articles discusses the shut down of Topsy and the various alternatives that are available today which serve the same purpose as Topsy.
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