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Twitter Audience Insights

Twitter Audience Insights refers to the behavior and other functioning of followers of any particular account. Businesses can utilize audience insights to increase their profit in various ways. Any user can analyze and extract the analytics of any public Twitter account.

Twitter has loads of data that can be converted into analytics. But to do that, you will need a Twitter analytics tool. Trust me, doing it manually can be really tiresome and too time consuming.

Twitter Audience Insights

Twitter Audience Insights, introduced by Twitter in 2015, was like a treasure for marketers and advertisers. It gave direct engagement insights of tweets among your audience. Because Twitter audience insight could assist you with audience demographics, lifestyle, consumer behavior and more. An advertiser will need this data to conduct a successful product advertisement or campaign. A Brand will use this information to tussle with its competitors. A marketer can plan a strategy to target potential customers with this data. 

Twitter has been giving out all this statistical information without any charge to help brands/organizations grow. But, in January 2021, Twitter notified that they will discontinue the ‘Audience Insights’ at the end of the month. And, so it happened. 

As a result, marketers are looking for alternatives that can provide the much needed insights. A lot of Twitter analytics tools are available that can help you extract Twitter Audience Insights. One such tool is FollowersAnalysis.

What is FollowersAnalysis

FollowersAnalysis is a Twitter analytics tool, which can provide comprehensive insights into any public Twitter account. You can view stats for all your followers, following, and tweet data separately. This tool performs analytical research and allows its users to download this data for further use.

Twitter analytics tool to download tweets

You can now use this data for your benefit. Here are a few audience insights and their purposes:

  • Followers Last Tweet Date

This Twitter audience insight tells you the time of your followers’ most recent tweet. If their last tweet was more than a year ago, then you can consider that profile as inactive. Inactive followers will not benefit you in any way, and it’s better to remove them. In this way, you can improve your engagement metrics.

  • Percentage of Verified, protected, and profiles with URL

These are three different insights. Firstly, a verified account is blue ticked by Twitter, ensuring that it is an authentic account. Secondly, a protected account’s activities are hidden from those who do not follow it. And thirdly a profile with a URL is any account that has some link in its bio. 

To have a trusted follower base, the percentage of verified accounts should be high, protected accounts low, and profiles with URLs high. You can keep track of your audience with this metric and use the verified accounts to promote your brand.

  • Most Popular Followers

This audience insight will show you those followers who have a large following of their own. You can use this to identify influencers that engage with your brand. You can also further analyze the Twitter profiles and followers of these influencers. This can help you find the right influencer to promote your brand and expand your social media horizons.

  • Best time to tweet

The average lifespan of a tweet is between 15-20 minutes. On average Twitter users post around 5000 tweets every second. That’s a whole lot of content, isn’t it? Moreover, if you do not post tweets when your users are online, it will be forever lost in the users’ endless timelines. The best time to tweet metric analyzes the performance of your past tweets. And then it provides the time frame when most users are online. Posting tweets in this time frame can increase the reach and engagement of your tweets.

  • Most retweeted and liked tweets

FollowersAnalysis also provides lists of most liked and retweeted tweets. So, you can use this to identify content that resonated with your audience along with popular topics of discussion. It can help you plan an effective Twitter content strategy that can keep your existing followers engaged. And even draw more users to your profile.

Download and analyze Twitter followers with FollowersAnalysis

Just follow these few simple steps to access Twitter audience insights of any public Twitter account- 

  1. Go to FollowersAnalysis.
  2. Click on the tab, ‘Followers Analysis & Data.’
  3. Enter the username of the Twitter account on the search bar below.
  4. After you submit, you will see the Twitter profile on that username and price of the report.
  5. Click ‘Add to cart’ and then ‘View cart’.
  6. Now click ‘Place order’ and log in or create your account.
  7. After you have made the payment your report starts generating.
  8. Download your report from the ‘My reports’ section.

The report generated will be in pdf and excel/CSV format. You will find separate folders for the tweet, followers, and following analysis. You can even download tweet analysis exclusively if you want.

Exercise the insights in real life

To Exercise the insights in real life you just have to analyze your requirements, and the rest of the work will be performed by FollowersAnalysis. Implement the demanded changes on your Twitter account, and you are good to go.

You do not need to be an expert to use FollowersAnalysis for your beneficial purpose. The insights provided by FollowersAnalysis can be downloaded in easy to navigate PDF reports. The reports are full of valuable audience insights that can help you plan effective strategies to grow your business.


In conclusion, Twitter audience insights have the potential to uplift a Twitter campaign, generate effective engagements and tempt new customers for your brand.

In this blog, I tried to cover most of the Twitter audience insights, but if overlooked any majorly important point, then you can inform us.

See you next time!

Twitter Audience Insights(An expert guide)
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Twitter Audience Insights(An expert guide)
The article describes ways to extract audience insights from Twitter data with the help of Twitter analytics to help plan effective social media strategies
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