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how to track Twitter followers

The number of followers is no longer the most important social media metric, but it still holds great importance. Building an engaged following is not as simple as it was a decade ago. Posting random content or photos once or twice a week will not get you far. Building an engaging follower base now necessitates analyzing what they enjoy and where their interests lie. These insights can assist you in creating resonating content that will keep your followers engaged. However, as difficult as increasing follower count is, it is even more difficult to keep them. This is where a Twitter follower tracker can help you out.

Although brands create the content, it is their followers who can make it go viral. If the content does not resonate with the audience, your content will get lost in the massive volume of content without gaining any traction. If this continues, the followers will lose interest and eventually unfollow you. If you want to avoid it, you must track your Twitter follower growth and identify what keeps them engaged. 

In this post, we’ll go over why you should use a Twitter follower tracker and the advantages of doing so. Let’s dive in.

What is Twitter Follower Growth Rate?

Brands and marketers aim to increase the number of followers for their accounts. The users that follow them are often interested in what the brand has to offer. Major brands usually have a set amount of followers that must increase each quarter of the year. This helps them find users that have the potential to become customers. But monitoring just your follower count is not enough. You must also keep track of other metrics related to your follower growth. One such important metric is your Twitter follower growth rate. 

While the follower count is the number of followers you have, the follower growth rate is the rate at which your follower count grows. Calculating your follower growth is not too complicated, just follow this simple equation:

[Follower Growth Rate = (New Followers / Old followers) x 100]

Although, it would require you to manually count every follower and track the number of followers you gain each quarter of the year. It can become time-consuming and tedious, more so if you have millions of followers. But there is an easier way to do it. You can automate the task of tracking your Twitter follower growth through an analytics tool such a FollowersAnalysis. 

Why do you need a Twitter Follower Tracker? 

By tracking the Twitter follower growth rate, you can identify the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. You can identify the content that attracts more followers and the ones that don’t. If your follower growth rate decreases, you can take immediate measures to improve your marketing strategy in real-time. You can also use it to track the social media moves of your competitors and identify the tactics they use to increase their follower base. It can give you access to various strategies that you can then use to enhance your marketing strategy. 

Even if you have a considerably large follower base, your engagement rate can still decline. There has been a significant increase in the number of fake followers in the past decade. These fake followers are automated bots that follow multiple accounts to seem genuine. But they do not engage with your content unless paid for. It ultimately affects your engagement rate, and a high ratio of fake followers can also raise questions on the authenticity of your follower base even if you haven’t bought them. 

Here are a few reasons why you should use a Twitter follower tracker:

Analyze Content Performance 

Users who unfollow you frequently do so because your content no longer interests them. If you want to avoid losing followers, you must monitor your Twitter follower growth. It can assist you in identifying times when your follower growth declines, allowing you to evaluate the performance of your content. Based on the results, you can fine-tune your content strategy to achieve even better results.

Identify the Interest of your Audience 

A close examination of your Twitter followers will provide you with information about the overall quality of your follower pool. You can get a good idea of who your target audience is, who engages the most with your content, and who follows your profile. The most important advantage, however, is the ability to identify inactive and fake accounts that inflate your follower count but never interact with you.

Track your Social Media Campaigns 

One of the best ways to analyze the performance of your campaigns is by track follower growth with a Twitter follower tracker. You can easily track how many followers you gain and the engagement you get. If the key performance indicators are low, you can change your marketing strategy in real-time. Similarly, if the performance indicators are as expected or higher, you can use similar strategies in the future to increase your followers and social media presence. 

Spot Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the best strategies to increase your followers and engagement. It is also the most used paid marketing channel today. A Twitter follower tracker can help you identify influencers that follow or engage with your Twitter profile. You can also use it to analyze their tweets and followers to help choose the right advocate to promote your brand. 

Important Twitter Follower Growth Metrics

Keep an eye on these additional indicators if you want to learn more about the impact of your Twitter marketing.

Influencers: Top Follower can help you find influencers who follow your account. Some of those who follow an influencer may also follow you. You can also raise brand awareness by collaborating with influencers.

Profile Visits: It can help you determine how many people have viewed your profile. Even if they have not followed you, they have seen your profile and are aware that you exist. This comparison will allow you to determine whether or not you have established a brand.

Engagement rate: Engagement metric: The engagement metric represents the performance of your tweet. The number of interactions (likes, retweets, replies, and shares) on your tweet is divided by the number of impressions it receives.

Top Tweets: These are tweets with a high level of engagement. Use this content engagement metric to determine which types of content your followers prefer. Then, modify your content to better suit the preferences of your followers.

Videos: Simply look at your completion rate to see how many times your videos were watched all the way through. The more videos you post on Twitter, the higher your engagement.

Best Twitter Follower Tracker Tools 

Now that you know the importance of a Twitter follower tracker, let’s look at some of the most effective tools that can help you track your followers.


track Twitter followers with FollowersAnalysis

FollowersAnalysis analyses public Twitter accounts using artificial intelligence (AI). The statistics provided by FollowersAnalysis include the number of mentions in a tweet, the number of followers, and the number of people following the account in question. Follower analytics will show you a variety of indicators, such as the last time a follower tweeted, the number of tweets they have posted, and the age of their account.


Twitter follower tracker

FollowerAudit is a comprehensive Twitter tracking tool. This useful tool allows you to evaluate fake Twitter followers, unfollowers, compare Twitter accounts, and much more. It’s the most user-friendly tool for keeping track of who follows you. It is possible to comprehend average followers gained or lost in real-time.


Track Twitter followers with followerwonk

Followerwonk is a Twitter follower analysis and automation tool. Search Bios, Compare Users, Analyze, Track followers, and Sort followers are all available on their website. It is simple to optimize them so that you can learn about the inner workings for free. However, there are some limitations, such as the fact that you can only compare people with smaller followings. Furthermore, with a free plan, you cannot choose whether or not to use Track followers and Sort followers.


If a brand or business uses Twitter to advertise itself on a regular basis, it should investigate and keep track of how many followers it has on the social networking site. An in-depth examination of the target audience’s actionable insights can be beneficial. The findings of this study can assist brands and marketers in developing more successful social media marketing strategies and maximizing their return on investment.

It is critical to choose a tool that provides the most beneficial features while also meeting all of your needs.

Twitter Follower Tracker: How to Keep Track of Followers Over Time?
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Twitter Follower Tracker: How to Keep Track of Followers Over Time?
Twitter Follower Tracker: How to Keep Track of Followers Over Time?
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