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Twitter marketing-small businesses

A new business has a ton of things to take care of and so little time. Twitter marketing is certainly not a priority for new businesses. They rather focus their efforts on establishing new relations, supply chain, product development, and sales coverage.

Social media marketing can help you connect with a larger audience and generate awareness for your brand. Twitter is one such platform that can help new businesses realize their potential. The platform you choose to market your product depends on the nature of your business. Some businesses can generate awareness for their brands with just a couple of posts on Instagram or Facebook. But, if you choose to market your product on Twitter, you have to invest a heck lot of time and effort to generate awareness and increase conversion rates.

In this post, we are going to discuss how Twitter can help you expand your social media horizons and increase conversions.

How can Twitter Marketing benefit Small Businesses?

Twitter marketing for startups and small businesses

Is Twitter marketing useful for your business? Well, it actually depends on which industry you operate in, your resources, and also your goals.

Twitter has over 330 million monthly and 187 million daily active users. These numbers are low when compared to other platforms and like Facebook and Instagram, but the audience on Twitter is much more likely to try out new products and services.

Unlike other platforms, Twitter flourishes on real-time conversations. If you can tap into these conversations and generate awareness, you can find new potential customers for your brand. Now the only thing you need to figure out is, does your target audience matches with the demographics on Twitter.

Social media marketing can substantially boost brand awareness and increase your target audience size. But first, you have to decide which platform benefits you the most.

How to plan an effective Twitter marketing strategy

Twitter tips for small businesses

Decide your goals

The first you need to do is set your goals and decide where Twitter fits in your marketing strategy. Some of the most common goals are,

  • Generating brand awareness
  • Increasing sales and conversions
  • Improve customer support
  • Tracking industry trends
  • Finding new potential customers

You must first decide what you want to achieve by marketing your brand on Twitter. Only then can you plan the right marketing strategy and approach that will expand your brand’s social media horizons.

Optimize your Twitter profile

This one’s a no-brainer! Optimizing your Twitter profile may sound obvious but is one of the most important factors that impact user perception. Your Twitter profile is the first thing that users see if they search your Twitter handle. You can use the various elements of your Twitter profile to make it easier for users to understand what you do. You can use your profile and background image to market your products and services. You can also use your Twitter profile bio to provide information and include links to increase direct users to your official website.

Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter is a highly competitive social media marketing platform. You need an effective Twitter analytics tool that can help you cut through the noise and reach your target audience. Native Twitter analytics is a really great tool for beginners, but it also has limitations. As your followers increase, you will need an effective Twitter analytics tool that can analyze your Twitter activity and followers. FollowersAnalysis is an amazing tool that can analyze tweet engagement as well as help you build an engaging follower base.

Identify resonating content

To gain followers and to keep them engaged, you have to post resonating content. But unlike other platforms, you have to post way more frequently than you would on Facebook and Instagram. You also have to make sure that the users find it interesting and add value.

Use social listening to identify trending topics related to your industry. When you have a list of such topics, construct your Twitter content strategy around it. As you steadily gain more followers you can leverage Twitter polls to further customize content for the users.

Post more visual content

Visual content is now the most consumed type of content on every social media platform. People prefer to watch short videos rather than reading informational blogs and articles. Visual content (photos, videos, infographics) gain twice as much engagement. Just make sure that you upload it directly on Twitter rather than sharing a link.

Twitter favors content that is directly uploaded on the platform. Native Twitter media receives a larger preview treatment compared to links. Videos uploaded on the platform automatically start playing while links from other platforms require users to click on the link to play the video.

Engage with your followers

Engaging with your followers is just as important as posting content. Engage with users that often engage with your tweets, a little humor can make it even better. You can also follow back users that frequently engage and add value to your brand’s Twitter profile. Most importantly, it can also help connect with your audiences and make them feel appreciated for their contribution.

Analyze your followers

When you have accumulated a significant number of followers, your next step should be analyzing your Twitter followers at regular time intervals. This will help you measure the quality of your follower base. You can also gain numerous valuable insights that can guide you in developing an effective Twitter marketing strategy.

Set benchmark standards

The next important thing to do is to set benchmark standards to measure growth. Choose a successful competitor to imitate, it can help you make effective marketing decisions. It will also help you set realistic benchmark standards to measure growth. Lastly, you can also avoid making the same mistakes as your competitors.

Analyze your competitors

Use a Twitter analytics tool to monitor the social media moves of your competitors. It can help you dissect their social media strategies. You can implement similar or improved strategies to boost your brand on Twitter.

Now that you know what steps to take, you just have to choose the right Twitter analytics tool that can help analyze your Twitter profile and provide useful insights to enhance your Twitter marketing efforts.


FollowersAnalysis is an amazing Twitter analytics tool that can help you streamline the task of analyzing Twitter data and accumulating insights. It can help you analyze the most recent 3200 tweets of any public Twitter account. It can also analyze the Twitter followers and following of public Twitter accounts. FollowersAnalysis provides comprehensive analytical PDF reports with useful statistics and insights that can help you plan effective Twitter marketing strategies.

Key features of FollowersAnalysis,

  • Tweet analysis reports
  • Followers and following analysis reports
  • Twitter data in Excel/CSV files
  • Identify the best time to tweet
  • Identify influencers
  • Identify most popular followers

The best part about FollowersAnalysis is that it does not follow a subscription model. You pay for the data and analytics you need.

Closing Thoughts

Twitter has long-established itself as a marketing giant, the audience on the platform is more open-minded and willing to try new things. This opens doors to new opportunities for established brands as well as new businesses. Just make sure that your target audience matches the user demographics on Twitter.

A Definitive Twitter Marketing Guide for Small Businesses
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A Definitive Twitter Marketing Guide for Small Businesses
The articles discusses how small businesses can leverage Twitter to boost their brand. It also provides tips on Twitter marketing for small businesses or any new ventures.
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