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Want to know how to plan an effective Twitter marketing strategy?

Twitter is one of the most preferred platforms for discussions. Users from various backgrounds, industries, or niches use it to debate, discuss, argue, criticize, and more. Hundreds and thousands of users engage with each other and share their opinions. And all of this happens within a matter of minutes. To be precise, Twitter thrives on real-time conversations. What if you could dissect this data and use it to plan effective Twitter marketing strategies?

Analyzing Twitter data can help you identify the marketing tactics that have worked so far and the ones that do you no good. It can also provide audience insights to personalize marketing and advertising tactics according to the likes and preferences of your target audience.

You obviously cannot use raw data straight out of your followers’ or your timeline. An analytical report with comprehensive statistical insights is way more coherent for the task at hand. You can use Twitter analytics for this or some third-party analytics tool(we will talk more about it later).

Let’s start with how to plan a Twitter Marketing Strategy using Twitter data.

Guide to Twitter Marketing Strategy

As a brand, you can achieve world-wide recognition, if you have a marketing strategy to work with. Start planning your Twitter Marketing Strategy by following these steps.

To start with, audit your existing Twitter profile or make a new one.

  1. Make your profile look presentable

Remove any blabber or underperforming tweets, media, or posts from your Twitter account. And now fill out all the necessary details required on your profile, this will make your profile look more credible and trustworthy. 

Use your brand logo as your profile picture so that people can recognize it. Use the bio section to write about your brand or you, and make it simple, add a little humor to the mix. Update your website’s URL so that it is easier for your audience to reach out.

  2. Use all the available tools/help you can get

You can use Twitter Analytics to detect the preferred content of your followers. With the help of engagement metrics, you can identify the tweets with the most interactions.

Twitter also offers you to work with Twitter Advanced Search, which can be used to search tweets with specific keywords. You can use third-party tools like TrackMyHashtag and FollowersAnalysis for hashtag tracking and followers analysis.

  3. Make engaging content related to brand marketing

Figure out what kind of content your followers are most interested in. This way, you can generate maximum engagement on your posts. Content relevant to the likes of your followers will give you customer loyalty in return. This is the most effective strategy, as content is the king.

Use not more than two hashtags on your tweets. And add pictures and videos to your tweet to make it look more attention-grabbing. You can use other marketing features provided by Twitter to gain potential customers like Ads, chats, polls, and newsletters.

  4. Monitor growth and improvement of the brand

For this purpose, you can either use Twitter Analytics or FollowersAnalysis. By monitoring tweet engagement, follower growth/loss, and brand recognition you can measure the impact of your Twitter marketing strategy. And plan the rest of your Twitter marketing strategy accordingly.

You can also use the analytical insights to plan data-driven strategies to grow your brand marketing.

Efficient use of Twitter Data

Twitter data analysis for Twitter marketing strategy

Twitter data is available to anyone or everyone with a Twitter account. The only efficient use of Twitter data is to transform it into analytical reports. Then it can be used in various ways, as it has very useful metrics in it. With every tweet posted by a user following data gets recorded:

  • Tweet time and date
  • Geographical location
  • Source used to tweet(ex.- iPhone, Android, web)
  • Tweet content
  • Hashtag used
  • Username mentioned
  • Any type of media embedded
  • Likes received
  • Retweets done
  • Comments posted

You can see the following details of any public Twitter account:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Profile and Header image
  • Date of birth
  • Date of joining
  • All the tweets
  • Followers
  • Following
  • All the details related to every tweet
  • Bio of the account
  • Twitter list
  • Location
  • URLs

All this information makes up the Twitter data. This data can be utilized to carry out a detailed analysis of that Twitter account. Plan a marketing strategy, build a brand name and conduct effective campaigns with Twitter data. 

Modify Twitter data into Analytics

The only sane way to use your Twitter data is by modifying it into systematic records. This way it can be used thoroughly and in an effective way, and you can begin with your marketing strategy.

I have mentioned two ways you can make analytics out of Twitter data,

  • Twitter Analytics
  • FollowersAnalysis

Twitter Analytics

This service is provided by Twitter only; it makes sensible reports of your Twitter data which you can use to increase your reach and business marketing. These Analytics provide helpful insights so that businesses can grow on this social media. It gives the following metrics:

  • Account Home: On this page, you can see a summary of 28 days of your Twitter account activity. It includes tweet Impressions, profile visits, and followers gained/lost at the top. And if you scroll down you will see the account activity of each month, like top follower and top tweet.
  • Tweets Activity: In this section, you can see your tweet activity for a 28 days period. You can see the same engagement insights for all tweets, top tweets, tweets with replies, and promoted tweets. If you want to see the metrics for different time-periods, you can do that too. And export the Twitter data to your system with help of mentioned options on the right side of the page.
  • Videos(More): You can find this feature in the ‘More’ section along with Conversion Tracking. If you upload any video on your tweet then you can see their performance in this section. It tells you for how many minutes viewers watched your videos.


FollowersAnalysis for Twitter marketing strategy

It is an excellent analytics tool that can help you modify the Twitter data into functional metrics. FollowersAnalysis gives a structured analytical report for your tweets, followers, and following. Metrics that you should give special attention to:

  • Best time to tweet: This metric will tell you when most of your followers are online. So, if you tweet at that time your tweets will get viewed by more audiences. This will increase your tweet engagements.
  • Most Retweeted tweets: This metric will show the tweets that got retweeted the most, and then you will be able to analyze the type of content appreciated by the audience. It will enhance the quality of your content.
  • Most Liked tweets: It will show you those tweets which have gotten maximum likes. It will also help you for figuring out the type of content your audience likes. Now, you can customize your tweet likewise.
  • Followers count of your followers: This feature will tell you the most famous profiles out of your follower list. You can leverage these metrics to identify influencers who follow you and collaborate with them.
  • Following’s last tweet : With this feature, you can determine those people out of your following list who are not active on Twitter. So, that you can unfollow any inactive or fake profile. Now, you can maintain your followers and following ratio.


A Twitter marketing strategy based on a data-driven approach will help you eliminate most of the guesswork. You can plan and deploy effective promotional tactics that can help you increase your brand’s social media presence and share of voice. Perform your analytical research first, and only then, start planning your Twitter marketing strategy. 

Do give FollowersAnalsis a try!

Twitter Marketing Strategy using Twitter data
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Twitter Marketing Strategy using Twitter data
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