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An Online influencer is an entity which has established his or her reputation as an impactful speaker or presenter. They have the name and recognition to promote or demote any brand or service over digital media.

The list below categorically analyses the Twitter profiles of Top 10 Online Influencers of this week in the field of Digital Marketing who have established their credibility and trustworthiness over time.

I have also attached a table with their Twitter Profile Comparison at the end of this post.

The table data was gathered using FollowersAnalysis analytical report.

Go ahead have a look!

1. Mark Fidelman

2. Warren Whitlock

3. Cyril Coste

4. Martin Jones

5. Kristopher B. Jones

6. Nate Dame

7. Brandon Berger

  • Profile Analysis Report: Download Here
  • Domain: Digital marketing
  • Twitter Link:
  • Linkedin Link:
  • Facebook Link: NA
  • Website:
  • Introduction: Brandon Berger is an experienced c-level executive, operator and board member. He is currently the Managing Director at Archegos Capital management. He specializes in Digital Strategy, management, brand and direct marketing.

8. Ann Tran

9. Vanessa DiMauro

10. Gareth O’Sullivan

Twitter Profile Overview And Followers Analysis of the influencers

This table categorically compares the Twitter profile of the influencers along with a brief analysis of their followers. You can get a brief idea about how active they are on Twitter and how authentic their followers are. Statistics such as tweet reply percentage provide us with an idea of their activeness on Twitter.

Have a glance!

InfluencersAccount Analysis ReportAv. Daily TweetsFollowers CountFake Followers PercentageTop 3 Most Mentioned keywordsAv. Retweets Received Per TweetAv. Likes Received Per Tweet
Mark Fidelman
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report 7.2088,9302.78%#marketing
Warren Whitlock
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report 9.05504,9902.25%#future
Cyril Coste
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report 19.3459,4001.59%#digitaltransformation
Martin Jones
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report 8.17247,2100.95%#socialmedia
Kristopher B. Jones
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report 2.1680,5201.50%#frenchgirlsapp
Nate Dame
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report 0.7316,5501.08%#seo
Brandon Berger
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report 0.8510,3605.34%#canneslions
Ann Tran
Twitter Profile
Download PDF Report
Download PDF report
Vanessa DiMauro
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report 0.7536,1101.57%#community
Gareth O’Sullivan
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report 3.5436,7102.71%#entrepreneur


With this, we come to the end of our weekly article. We will be back next Thurday with more Influencers Twitter profiles analysis. Do let us know in the comments what do you think about these online influencers.

Stay tuned for profile analysis of more Social Media Influencers.



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