Twitter Profile Analysis of Top 10 Online Influencers (Digital Marketing): Week #007

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An Online influencer is an entity which has established his or her reputation as an impactful speaker or presenter. They have the name and recognition to promote or demote any brand or service over digital media.

The list below categorically analyses the Twitter profiles of Top 10 Online Influencers of this week in the field of Digital Marketing who have established their credibility and trustworthiness over time.

I have also attached a table with their Twitter Profile Comparison at the end of this post.

The table data was gathered using FollowersAnalysis analytical report.

Go ahead have a look!

1. Kindra Hall

2. Logan Chierotti

  • Profile Analysis Report: Download Here
  • Domain: Digital Marketing
  • Twitter:
  • Linkedin:
  • Facebook: NA
  • Website: NA
  • Introduction: Logan Chierotti is the CEO at Physician’s Choice. He is a startup expert specializing in business and marketing. He is the founder of, the No. 1 reputation marketing company in 2014. He specializes in ecommerce, nutrition, exit strategy, mergers and acquisition.

3. Nicole Lapin

4. Nir Eyal

5. Stacy Perman

6. Terence Mauri

7. Thomas Oppong

8. Alejandro Tauber

9. Todd Henry

10. Ali Mese

Twitter Profile Overview And Followers Analysis of the influencers

This table categorically compares the Twitter profile of the influencers along with a brief analysis of their followers. You can get a brief idea about how active they are on Twitter and how authentic their followers are. Statistics such as tweet reply percentage provide us with an idea of their activeness on Twitter.

Have a glance!

InfluencersAccount Analysis ReportAv. Daily TweetsFollowers CountFake Followers PercentageTop 3 Most Mentioned KeywordsAv. Retweets Received per TweetAv. Likes Received Per Tweet
Kindra Hall
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report 1.847,0501.97#storytelling
Logan Chierotti
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report 0.634,0103.36#marketing
Nicole Lapin
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report 1.0357,5805.14#bossbitch
Nir Eyal
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report2.8064,7703.25#indistractable
Stacy Perman
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report0.551,1901.76#agrandcomplication
Terence Mauri
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report0.1119,8303.25#leadership
Thomas Oppong
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report4.3286,0801.05#business
Alejandro Tauber
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report0.043,1506.47#sxsw
Todd Henry
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report2.1215,9600.64#herdingtigers
Ali Mese
Twitter Profile
Download PDF report0.7047,6501.52#startup


With this, we come to the end of our weekly article. We will be back next Friday with more Influencers Twitter profiles analysis. Do let us know in the comments what do you think about these online influencers.

Stay tuned for profile analysis of more Social Media Influencers.


Twitter Profile Analysis of Top 10 Online Influencers (Digital Marketing): Week #007
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Twitter Profile Analysis of Top 10 Online Influencers (Digital Marketing): Week #007
Twitter Profile Analysis of Top 10 Online Influencers (Digital Marketing): Week #007
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