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With over 186 million monetizable daily active users, Twitter has become one of the most influential social media platforms. Be it politics, pop culture, businesses, financial market news, or brands; you can find news and information for almost everything. It has become a popular search engine that provides bite-sized content that is easy to consume.

Businesses small and large are trying to leverage the influence and reach of Twitter to realize their brand’s potential. The thought of engaging with hundreds of millions of users does sound amazing. But, do you have a Twitter marketing strategy that can help you reach and engage with these millions of users?

In this post, we are going to discuss how to develop an effective Twitter marketing strategy that actually works. A strategy that can increase engagement and revenue for your brand and help establish your authority in the industry.

What is a Twitter Marketing Strategy?

A Twitter Marketing Strategy is a strategic plan of action aimed at increasing awareness, engagement, and conversion for your brand. The goal is to build an engaging and loyal follower base for your brand, attract new followers, improve brand image, and increase sales.

Why Twitter?

Unlike other platforms, Twitter thrives on real-time conversation. A perfectly timed tweet on trending or popular conversations can work wonders for your brand.

  • Twitter allows you to share a wide range of content in a few seconds.
  • It’s a popular search engine to get information and news related to any industry.
  • Twitter’s user base is more mature compared to other social media platforms
  • Twitter users are more eager to try out new products and services
  • It’s an excellent free customer support tool
  • Can help you expand your brand’s reach
  • Great tool to keep track and learn from your competitors
  • Users on Twitter are more vocal and do not hesitate to express their opinions

Now that you know what makes Twitter unique and why it is so popular, let’s discuss how you can leverage Twitter to expand your brand’s social media horizons.

How to Plan an Effective Twitter Marketing Strategy?

Plan effective Twitter marketing strategy

Optimize your brand’s Twitter profile

The very first thing that users can see when they search your Twitter profile. This is a great opportunity for you to create a great first impression. First impressions matter, users are going to create a mental image of your brand based on those first impressions. A poorly optimized Twitter profile can keep people from trusting your brand.

Optimize your Twitter profile, there are various elements that you can use to create an attractive Twitter profile. Your profile picture, header image, and your Twitter bio are some of the most important visual elements that you can get creative with.

Post resonating content and post consistently

Increasing your follower count is important, but so is keeping your existing followers engaged. You must analyze the performance metrics of your past tweets. This will help you identify resonating content topics that drive engagement.

You can plan a successful content strategy that will help you increase engagement and help attract more followers for your brand. Just make sure to post quality content consistently. You can prepare a content plan and schedule your tweets ahead of time to maintain consistency in your tweets.

Use visual media

Visual media is now the most consumed content in 2020. Users will watch video tutorials rather than reading blogs. Short video formats (15 seconds videos) have gained immense popularity, every major social media platform has introduced its own short video format.

Tweets with videos or images gain 8x more engagement compared to tweets without any type of visual content. Use more visual content to drive engagement.

Perfect posting time

Twitter has an abundance of content. Users post over 6000 tweets each second on the platform. Tweets have an average lifespan of 15-20 minutes. Randomly, posting tweets won’t help you cut through the noise on Twitter. You must post your tweets when your followers are online.

Analyze the engagement metrics of your past tweets. It will help you identify the time frame when your users are online and can engage with your tweets. If you don’t time your tweets they will get buried under the massive pool of content in the users’ timelines.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are the most potent way to increase the SEO authority of your tweets. Hashtags were originally introduced to categorize content for users with similar interests. But since then hashtags have evolved and are often used to increase the reach of your content or tweets.

Tweets with a hashtag attract twice as much engagement, compared to tweets without a hashtag. Track trending hashtags related to your industry to increase the reach of your tweets. It can get you into trending conversations and help generate brand awareness.

Identify social media influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and sales. Influencers can help you influence user buying decisions in favor of your brands, given that you partner with the right influencer to promote your brand.

Identify influencers that engage with your brand’s Twitter profile. Analyze their engagement metrics, follower quality, and how relevant are they to your brand or its target audience. This can help you identify the right influencer that can promote your brand and generate revenue.

Use Twitter polls and live chats to connect with your audience

Twitter polls and live chats are beneficial features of Twitter that can help you connect with your followers. You can use these features to engage with your target audience and know what they really like.

Use Twitter polls to ask your followers what kind of content they like. Live Twitter chat is an excellent feature, you can use it to give your audience a chance to express their opinions.

Hold Twitter contests

Twitter contests are another great feature that can be used to increase user participation. Everyone likes to win free stuff from brands. Hold Twitter contests and giveaways too and encourage users to participate to win.

You can also put certain conditions that users have to fulfill to stand a chance of winning. Users can be required to follow, follow & like, follow, like, & retweet to participate in the giveaway. This will increase help in increasing the engagement on your tweets.

Create Twitter lists

Any user can create a Twitter list. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the simplest yet most effective ways to keep tabs on your competitors. You can also set your Twitter lists to private so your competitors don’t know about it. By doing so you can easily track the social media content posted by your competitors.

You can then take the time to identify resonating content and use those to craft an engaging content strategy to keep the users hooked to your Twitter profile. You can also segment your Twitter lists as per competitors, tending and shareable content, influencers, and more.

Host Live Twitter Chats

Keeping your audiences engaged is something that even seasoned marketers with years of experience struggle to achieve. Therefore, you should also try to engage with your followers. Hosting live chats gives your followers to engage with your brand in real-time. They can voice their queries or suggestions and you can give them a reply then and there. Also, users are more likely to follow a brand that engages with them rather than the one that just posts content and updates.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads is one of the best marketing tools you can use to promote your brand. More so, if you are using different tweets to attain a single goal. It can help you reach new users and help increase your follower count. Twitter ads can also increase your brand exposure and increase awareness among users on the platform. You just have to decide what you want to achieve such as engagement, website traffic, app installs, conversions, and so on. The cost of the Twitter ad will depend on the goal you want to achieve.

Use Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments is a simple yet effective way of providing your followers with a ton of content on any single topic. It allows you to make a collection of tweets on any specific topic or event. You can also arrange your Twitter moments into various collections to promote an event, campaign, or industry-related news. It is one of the most effective ways to start discussions on any topic, or event while providing the followers’ large quantities of content to work with.

Divert traffic to your website

Twitter may have a character limit on your tweets, but you can share a wide range of content. You can share content from your website’s blogs, share URLs, or even add your website link in your Twitter bio. You can also use gated content to find prospects for new customers and leads.

Monitor your Twitter follower growth and quality

Lastly, as your follower counts grow, you need to frequently analyze the quality of your followers. This can help you block inactive and bot followers. These accounts do not engage with your Twitter profile, they don’t benefit you in any way other than inflating your follower count.

As your followers grow it will become harder to keep track and analyze your Twitter follower quality. You need an effective Twitter analytics tool that can help you automate the task of analyzing Twitter followers.

analyze Twitter followers with FollowersAnalysis

FollowersAnalysis is a Twitter follower analytics tool that can help you keep analyzing the Twitter follower growth of any public Twitter account. It can also analyze the engagement metrics of the past 3200 tweets of any public Twitter accounts. It provides several PDF analytical reports that offer great insights to help develop an effective Twitter marketing strategy.

Key features of FollowersAnalysis,

  • Analyze the past 3200 tweets
  • Analyze followers and following
  • Extract lists of followers in an Excel/CSV file
  • Comprehensive analytical PDF reports.

Unlike most tools, FollowersAnalysis doesn’t follow a subscription model. You only need to pay for the data you require.

Closing Thoughts

Twitter is one of the most competitive social media marketing platforms. Without the right insights, you won’t be able to plan a successful Twitter marketing strategy. This guide provides numerous hacks that you can use to increase your brand’s social media presence. FollowersAnalysis is a really effective tool that can help you analyze Twitter follower growth and quality at regular time intervals. These insights can enhance your Twitter marketing strategy and help you deploy effective strategies.

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