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Having a huge number of Twitter followers is a trending phenomenon now a days. There is a cold race going on among Twitter profiles as to who amasses a larger follower base than the other. However, what these accounts owners fail to oversee is keeping that huge follower base engaged. This has created an urgent need to analyze Twitter followers and led to the advent of Twitter Followers Analysis tools.

A number of businesses and organizations today are ready to ‘Purchase’ Twitter bots to inflate their follower count rather than building an engaging follower base organically.

Twitter followers just to increase their follower base which is irrelevant.

These ‘fake’ followers do not provide any benefit other than showing a higher number of followers in their follower list. The major downside of purchasing these followers is that they mess up account analytics which prevents these entities to properly understand their follower base.

In a recent study published by Twitter, it was concluded that of all the accounts currently registered on Twitter, about 20 Million of them are fake! That’s a huge number of fake accounts. Maybe you have a small percentage of these 20 million accounts as your followers. Let’s see what you can do about this.

There is an excellent method to analyze Twitter followers using a Twitter analytic tool called FollowersAnalysis. Keep on reading to know more about this tool.

Analyze Twitter Followers with FollowersAnalysis

FollowersAnalysis is a Twitter analytics platform that can help you analyze Twitter followers from any public Twitter account.  Let’s have a look at how FollowersAnalysis can analyze Twitter followers from any public Twitter account and what insightful metrics it provides.

track, audit, and analyze Twitter followers with

  1. Followers last Tweet date

Followers last tweet date

Followers last tweet date allows you to check the last time your followers sent out a tweet. Usually the fake and bot accounts do not tweet and if they do, it is extremely rare. So, an account that has the last tweet date of say, more than a year ago is most likely fake. FollowersAnalysis can also analyze Twitter followers and provide you with the percentage of dormant followers in your account.

  1. Account age of Twitter followers

Account age of Twitter followers

Account age of Twitter followers is simply the Twitter profile age of your followers. Generally, fake or bot accounts are created recently with the sole purpose of spreading fake news or inflating followers list. Twitter periodically improves its algorithms which deletes fake accounts all over Twitter. FollowersAnalysis can analyze Twitter followers and find out the account age of Twitter followers that can help you in confirming whether an account is fake. The older the account, the more is its authenticity.

  1. Tweets count of Twitter account followers

Tweet count of Twitter followers

This metric categorizes your follower base with respect to the number of tweets they have posted. Accounts with zero tweets are considered fake and accounts with insanely huge number of tweets are also considered fake. Although there is no fixed number as to how many tweets are too many tweets but that’s why God gave us common sense (pun intended). If an account has a huge number of tweets that too in a very short period of time, it is most likely a fake account.

  1. Followers count of Twitter followers

Followers count of Twitter followers

FollowersAnalysis can analyze Twitter followers and provide a descriptive analytical report with a graph of all your followers following ranges. This gives you an idea as to how popular your followers are along with followers that have zero follower base of their own. Accounts with zero followers are most likely fake accounts just inflating your followers base and messing up your account metrics.

  1. Verified and protected Twitter followers percentage

Verified and protected followers

Verified and protected follower base affect your follower list in two different ways.

Verified followers are those accounts which have that small blue tick beside their Twitter username. It means that these accounts have been vetted by Twitter to ensure their authenticity. Having a good number of verified is considered as a good sign on Twitter.

Protected followers are those accounts which choose to display their activities exclusively to their follower base. It means that a general non-account-follower cannot view the activities of a protected account. Having a large number of protected followers is not considered as a good sign for the Twitter profile.

     6. List of Top Follower and Following

most popular Twitter followers

Once you analyze Twitter followers, you get a report that consists of a list with the most popular followers and following of a Twitter account. This list can come in very handy when identifying the top influencers in your profile.

Once you have identified the influencers, you can leverage their follower base for your own social media campaign.

   7. Following count of Twitter followers

Following count of Twitter followers

Following count of Twitter followers allows you to understand what number of accounts do your Twitter users follow. Followers with extremely high number of following list may be considered as fake account but before concluding this, you should also refer to some other metrics mentioned above.

Step by Step Guide for Using FollowersAnalysis

FollowersAnalysis was created keeping simplicity and user experience as a priority (Apple eh?). It’s AI driven machine learning algorithms lift data directly from Twitter and perform a detailed analysis on the Raw data. Let’s understand the basics of how to use FollowersAnalysis.



  1. Go to (or click on the above image)
  2. Enter the @twitter username and click on submit.
  3. On the next page, you will be able to view the account details along with the cost to download the report. Click on ‘Add to cart’.
  4. Click on ‘View Cart’ and enter the discount coupon code (if you have one).
  5. Fill in the payment details. All card payments are handled by Stripe[US] with industry-level TLS encryption.
  6. Once your report is generated, you can click on the ‘My Reports’ section to download the report.

It’s simple, isn’t it? Even simpler than ordering stuff from Amazon!

Applications of Twitter analytical metrics

Once we get the analytical report, it’s all beautiful, detailed, thorough and informational but where or why do we apply our new findings? I’ll tell you.

A Twitter FollowersAnalysis report is extremely detailed with metrics that if properly studied can make a night and day difference in your social media campaign or account analysis. There are numerous applications and benefits of this analytical report and I will explain each of them.

Let’s get started!

  1. Identifying your target audience base: FollowersAnalysis can help you to analyze Twitter followers that can act like a key to the door of your followers account digital presence. Once you get the report, you can easily pin point the type of content which your audience prefers so you can create more of it. This benefits your entire social media campaign.
  1. Data comparison: Just think about the possibility of decoding your competitor’s social media campaign. If you observe something that your competitor is doing and is doing good, you can now replicate that! Just study your competitors analytical report and identify the strong points from their campaign and make them yours.
  1. Measure engagement rates: Content creates engagement. I think everyone agrees with this. The question here is how to quantify these engagement rates? FollowersAnalysis can analyze Twitter followers and provide a detailed analysis report with data that helps you in understanding what type of content creates the maximum engagement rates.
  1. Analyze reach of your tweets: The more reach your tweets generate, the more popular they will be. Analyze Twitter followers tweets and you can easily get to know the current standing of your social media campaign. If the reach is low, you can take steps to create higher engagement which results in higher reach.
  1. Identify weaknesses in strategies: If you combine all the metrics mentioned above, you can easily and effectively pin point the weaknesses in your Twitter strategies. Once you understand the weaknesses in your campaign, you can take steps to fix them and increase your campaign’s efficiency.
  1. Saves Time: FollowersAnalysis can analyze Twitter followers and generate a report that helps you in saving valuable time in your social media campaign by providing you with cold hard facts. These facts go a long way in making your campaign cost as well as time effective.


The benefits of a FollowersAnalysis analytical report far outweighs the cost associated with it. It is the foremost choice of major organizations and brands around the world and they are extremely satisfied.

Nothing can stop you from building an effective social media campaign once you are armed with the firepower of a FollowersAnalysis Twitter profile analytical report.

Hope you enjoyed this article.

Stay tuned for more informative content.


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