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Wondering why your engagement stats aren’t performing in the same way they were in the past. Perhaps you’re using the incorrect keyword or hashtag, Want to go back and see? The fact that Twitter allows individual users to export their account data from its site is something that many users are unaware of. This technique only functions when exporting data from your own account. 

Also, you can use Twitter analytics tools like FollowerAnalysis to download your or someone else’s tweets by using Keywords, mentions, or hashtags.

How to download your Tweets.

Download Tweets directly from Twitter.

Here are the steps you have to follow to download tweets directly from your Twitter account.

steps to download tweet from
  • To access your Twitter account, please log in.
  • Select “Settings and privacy” from the list of options under “More.”
  • Now click “Download an archive of your data” under “Your Account.”
  • Choose Request Archive from the menu now.
  • You will receive a copy of your Twitter archive via the email address associated with your Twitter profile after Twitter has finished assembling your tweets.
  • You may see all of your tweets as well as an analysis of each tweet sent out since you joined Twitter by using the Twitter archive.

Download tweets from Twitter Advanced Search

Here are the steps you have to follow to gain access to tweets from Twitter Advanced Search.

  • Click on the three dots on your sidebar.
steps to download from advance search

Select the Advanced search option.

Now you can use various filters for your search result.

Advance search provides filters like:

  • Words: With the use of these search tools, you can discover tweets that use a specific word, phrase, or combination of words, hashtags, or dialect.
  • Accounts: In this area, choose the accounts whose tweets you want to look up. Additionally, you have the option to look for tweets from a brand that mention a particular account.
  • Tweets: By indicating the specific type of tweets you’re looking for, you can focus your search in this section. You can choose to search solely for the original tweets or for tweets that include replies. Secondly, you can limit your search to just tweets with links.
  • Engagement: You can choose the minimum amount of likes, retweets, and ad replies you’d like your search results to receive using this feature of Twitter’s advanced search.
  • Date: This one doesn’t require any explanation. You can conduct a search for tweets that have been posted between two dates.

Download tweets with Twitter API.

Here’s how to gain access to tweets from Twitter API.

steps to download tweet from API

You can get tweets from any open Twitter account using the Twitter API. This interface allows you to view the followers and tweets of any account. You will need both an API Key and a Twitter account in order to download tweets using the Twitter API. Access to the data is granted using a consumer key.

However, the procedure is challenging and calls for technological know-how. You can utilize a third-party solution that offers a no-code and seamless experience if you don’t have any technical understanding

Download Tweets with FollowerAnalysis

 FollowersAnalysis is a Twitter analytic tool that provides a thorough analysis of tweets and followers in addition to the real data. You will have access to specific tweet information as well as in-depth analysis data. It provides Historical/old tweet features through which you can download tweets since starting of your Twitter account. 

The report includes a thorough examination of the targeted Twitter account’s tweets. The data includes details like the user id, tweet id, tweet URL, posting time, tweet text, client, and number of likes and retweets received. The analytical reports also include a thorough examination of the tweets. Additionally, you receive separate sheets with the tweet id, media id, media URL, and tweet URL for each image and video sent alongside the tweets.

The price of historical/old tweet data starts from $50.

Find and Download tweets using specific hashtags or keywords and export them to Excel or CSV formats.

The account data cannot be accessed via Twitter’s native download option. AI-driven algorithms used by FollowersAnalysis evaluate the data and produce insightful findings that help you make better decisions over time.

Click here to visit

Select ‘Old Tweet

Click on the Request data option.

how to request for old tweets

Fill in the form with the required details and click on submit.

Once you have submitted the form a sales representative will get back to you with pricing and details.

We will start compiling your old tweets once the payment has been completed, and you’ll soon be able to download them. Go to My reports and select “My reports” to get the tweets report.

Twitter data in the tweet report.

The actual tweet for a certain @account, hashtag, or phrase is provided when you use FollowerAnalysis to obtain historical data, along with their analytical insights.

Here, what you can expect

  • Tweet: Includes specific hashtag, mention and keyword published during the specific period of time.
  • Date and Time: complete list of tweets along with dates and time when they were published.
  • Tweet ID: contains a unique ID of each tweet that is not accessible directly through the platform.
  • Tweet Source: Record of tweets whether they were published through PC, Android, iPhone, or any third-party tweet management service.
  • Tweet Language: Which language was the tweet published in.
  • Retweet Count: The number of times the tweet was retweeted.
  • Likes Count: The number of likes on each tweet.
  • Original tweet or reply: Was it a tweet, retweet, or a reply.
  • Profile URL: Profile URLs of the users that published the tweet.
  • Verification Status: Were the users that published the tweet verified.

Importance of downloading Tweets.

Here are some of the most important benefits of downloading and analyzing old tweets.

  •  Optimize content strategy

Even the most experienced and smart marketers find it challenging to develop an appealing content strategy. It’s difficult to consistently create captivating material that will keep your target audience interested. But you may identify interesting content themes that your target audience is most interested in by looking through your archive of tweets. These insights can be used to create an interesting content strategy that will draw viewers in and keep them coming back for more.

  • Analyze engagement

Every brand strives for high engagement, but these days all engagement is beneficial. Negative tweets and comments can damage the reputation of your brand, which may result in a sudden drop in conversions. Therefore, it is better to spot them early and interact with them before they gather a lot of traction and become viral, which would put your brand in a negative spotlight.

Additionally, when it comes to enhancing a good or service, bad reviews can serve as a source of insightful client feedback. To satisfy the expectations of your clients, you can pinpoint your areas of weakness and implement the necessary modifications.

  • Track competitors

While tracking your success and evaluating your tweets is crucial, you also need to keep an eye on your rivals. A great source of fresh content ideas and powerful marketing tactics that can advance your brand is your competition. To avoid damaging your brand’s reputation, you may also learn from their errors and perform better going forward.

  •  Identify influencers

Influencers are currently the most efficient way to reach a larger audience and boost conversions. The amount of money that brands invest in influencer marketing has been rising steadily. Finding the ideal influencer to represent your brand, however, can be challenging because not all influencers with significant followings have equal clout. Additionally, the influencer ought to be pertinent to the field and desired by your target market.

You can discover the influencers who engage with your brand by looking back through earlier tweets. To determine how engaging and persistent they are, you can further examine their tweets. By doing this, you’ll be better able to locate the ideal brand spokesman to represent your company and broaden your social media exposure.

  • Measure performance and improve

Finally, continuously monitor and assess the effectiveness of your tweets. You can even correct your errors and learn from them with its assistance. You can continually use your marketing plan to catch the interest of your target market and win them over as devoted supporters and clients of your business.

Wrapping up!!

Twitter data has a wealth of useful information available, every user should routinely download and check it. It can assist you in determining what your audience finds and does not find fascinating. On the other hand, you can use FollowerAnalysis to download the Twitter archives of your rivals, which might assist you in analyzing their social media tactics and creating fresh ideas for boosting engagement and followers. Do give it a try!!



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