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Guide to find your old tweet

Twitter has been around since 2006, with 206 million daily users. If you were an early adopter you would probably wonder what your first tweet was. There are millions of reasons to discover your own or someone else’s old tweets especially if you are someone who creates user friendly content.

Unfortunately, Twitter only displays your recent 3200 tweets. But if you are someone who wants to know what those tweets were or you want to see what celebrities used to tweet before they got famous, you will need third party tools like FollowerAnalysis to discover the historical data. So, check this blog to get all the data easily from the past and how to best access them.

Why is it important to keep a check on your Old Tweets?

  • If you were an early adopter and used to randomly tweet you would probably want to go in and clean it up, because We’ve all seen stories of old tweets coming back to bite people and ruin their careers.
  • You could Keep a check on your old tweet for business purposes, as reviewing your old tweets would help you to keep your brand’s image in check and it should be a part of a regular social media audit.
  • You can not only keep a track of your old tweets but also dig in your competitors’ history to create a better marketing strategy and to avoid rookie mistakes.

How to extract Historical data and old tweets?

With FollowerAnalysis you can monitor any old tweet ever sent in the Twitter history as long as it remains in public. Historical data is one of our top products. Twitter’s archived data is a premium feature that is not free. Price of historical/old tweet data stats from $50.

Follow these steps to download historical data with FollowerAnalysis.

  1. Go to the Old tweets page.
steps to follow to check the tweet

 2. Click on the Request data option.

how to request for old tweets

3. Fill in the form with the required details and click on submit.

4. Once you have submitted the form a sales representative will get back to you with pricing and details.

How to find Historical data and old tweets of any other public account ?

  1. Go to Twitter
  2. Enter the @username or hashtag on the search bar.
  3. Now enter the time limit like this: @username since: year/month/day until: year/month/day.
  4. Now press search for desired result.


5. Click on the three dots on your sidebar.

steps on how to use advanced toll

6. Select the Advanced search option.

step 2 for how to use advanced tool

7. Now you can use various filters for your search result.

There are three sections to customize your search result:

  • Words: Input keyword, hashtags or phrases you want to search.
  • Accounts: Input Twitter handles you want to search.
  • Dates: Input specific period or date you want to search. 

Twitter data you get in Tweets reports.

If you use FollowerAnalysis to get historical data then you get the actual tweet for a specific @account, hashtag, or keyword with their analytical insights.

Here’s what you expect:

  • Tweet: Includes specific hashtag, mention and keyword published during the specific period of time.
  • Date and Time: complete list of tweets along with dates and time when they were published.
  • Tweet ID: contains a unique ID of each tweet that is not accessible directly through the platform.
  • Tweet Source: Record of tweets whether they were published through PC, Android, iPhone, or any third-party tweet management service.
  • Tweet Language: Which language was the tweet published in.
  • Retweet Count: The number of times the tweet was retweeted.
  • Likes Count: The number of likes on each tweet.
  • Original tweet or reply: Was it a tweet, retweet, or a reply.
  • Profile URL: Profile URLs of the users that published the tweet.
  • Verification Status: Were the users that published the tweet verified.
Tweet audit report

Some important features of FollowerAnalysis:

homepage of followeranalysis

FollowerAnalysis is an advanced AI-based Twitter analytics tool, that provides you the complete list of Twitter followers, following and tweets of any Twitter account which can also be exported directly to CSV/Excel. The tool also fetches the historical tweets, mentions, and keywords from any date range going back to 2006. 

Key features of FollowerAnalysis:

  • Analyze more than the 3200 recent tweets.
  • Get data along with tweet content like Tweet id, URL, Time, Source and retweet.
  • Analyze your follower and following
  • Get detailed insights into your competitors’ tweets.
  • Identify key influencers
  • Get historical tweets since 2006.
  • Best time to tweet
  • Know most retweeted and liked tweets.

What to do with Old Tweets/Historical Twitter data?

With the help of old tweets you can perform research, monitor your brand, campaign and even identify the influencers. You can even track your competitors’ next move and plan your strategies accordingly.

  • Research purpose 

Scholars and researchers use Historical data to perform research. For example they analyze sentiments used by the user in social cause like #metoo or predicting stock market.

  • Competitors analysis

You can use old tweets to analyze social media tactics of your competitors. For startups it’s the best way to establish a company by knowing the competitors’ next move. It’s the best way to identify the ideas for increasing brand awareness, engagement, and visibility.

  • Predict future

Twitter data access can predict the future that can enhance social media marketing. For example an average life of a tweet is 15-20 minutes, so posting at the right time when your audience is active is very important therefore tweet data would help you to identify the time frame when your followers are online, based on the performance metrics of your past tweets.

  • Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most paid marketing channels in 2022. Most of the brands have already increased their budget to collaborate with influencers to notch up their game. So historical Twitter data can help you identify influencers that engage with your brand. You can further extract and analyze the historical data of influencers to identify the right brand advocate to promote your brand.

  • Building social media campaigns 

Hosting a successful social media campaign at first go is very difficult but you can always learn from the mistakes you’ve made and enhance your marketing approach. You can use the historical tweet data and avoid any rookie mistakes that you may have made in past social media campaigns and develop an effective social media campaign that increases your brand’s visibility and awareness.

  • Measure your campaign performance 

Keeping track of your social media strategy is very important for your marketing strategy. Analyzing historical Twitter data can help you analyze the performance metrics and audience interactions and help you identify the most effective and the ones that do no good strategies. 


Historical twitter data are full of valuable insights. Accessing twitter data a few years ago was a difficult task and required skills but the emergence of third party tools has made it easy.

Now you can extract the historical insights of any hashtag, mentions and keywords with FollowerAnalysis. This practice in your social media marketing would help you to know your audience and build an engaging and loyal follower base. 

Start leveraging Twitter data to expand your brand’s social media horizons, today with FollowerAnalysis. Do give it a try!



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