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Influencer marketing is the key feature to up notch your Twitter marketing strategy. Since it has been in use for so long, nobody really questions its effectiveness. Moreover, finding influencers has become easy over time. But here’s the catch, finding influencers just based on your social media niche or content is a difficult task. Therefore, Using hashtags will bring your influencer marketing to the next level by filtering out influencers based on your contextual needs.

Why are influencers important for your brand?

Working with influencers can easily increase your social media efficiency. As they not only attract the eyes of their audience but also their audience’s network which spontaneously drives traffic to your website and shares your product/services by sharing their experience. 

How to find Twitter Influencers using hashtags?

Hashtags are no doubt the best way to find influencers to partner with you and strategically up your marketing game. Here are 2 ways you can do that.

1. Manually finding Twitter influencers

Twitter is a platform that allows its users to openly express their thoughts. Therefore, it is a profitable platform to find influencers. 

To find influencers use the search bar and type in the hashtag you’d like to search.

 For example #nike.

You will see a timeline of the particular hashtag, further can scroll through the list and begin your search. Twitter displays the top searched results but you can sort them by the latest tweets, photos, and videos. Once you have examined the engagement metrics including tweets and retweets you can click the profile to learn more about it.

2. Finding Twitter influencers using FollowerAnalysis.

To get a crisp and accurate list of influencers just based on your content, you can take the help of a third-party tool like FollowerAnalysis, an advanced AI-based Twitter analytics tool, that provides you the complete list of Twitter followers, following, and tweets of any Twitter account which can also be exported directly to CSV/Excel. 

Other key features of FollowerAnalysis are:-

  • Analyze more than the 3200 recent tweets.
  • Get data along with tweet content like Tweet id, URL, Time, Source, and retweet.
  • Analyze your follower and following
  • Get detailed insights into your competitors’ tweets.
  • Identify key influencers
  • Get historical tweets since 2006.
  • Best time to tweet
  • Know the most retweeted and liked tweets.

Criteria to select the best influencer.

  • Reach and audience size

Reach metric is an important factor to be considered, but it is not as significant as we may think. Think about collaborating with an influencer who has a lesser following but more influencing power. If an influencer with 2000 followers is more likely to engage its audience as compared to an influencer with 50000 followers then an influencer with 2000 Twitter followers is more valued than 50000.

  • Personality 

Influencers working with your brands become your close business associates. Therefore, it is very important to work with reliable, honest, and professional people. On social media, personality type is crucial because it focuses on how influencers interact with their audience. Other characteristics, such as professionalism and attention to detail, are also crucial.

  • Quality content

Choose influencers who produce high-quality content only. Remember that sometimes one influencer’s fashion sense will fit the brand better. Find influencers who are truthful and open; otherwise, their message won’t be as powerful. Keep in mind that quality frequently beats influence and reach.

  • Niche influencers

Lastly, look for influencers who are considered experts in their field, i.e., influencers that fit your brand’s community. For example, if your brand provides a product or service for sports then you can search for influencers by using #sports or #fitness. Pick an influencer in the niche that has a small audience, rather than a larger audience

Wrapping up!!

By using hashtags it will be easier to uncover influencers who may be favorably to engage with your company and be a good fit for your marketing initiatives. Moreover, you can use FollowerAnalysis for more specific influencer account details. Do try FollowerAnalysis!!

Adios !!!!!

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