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Engagement may have replaced follower count as the most important metric, but don’t think of it as a vanity metric just yet. It still holds great importance for brands and marketers. You don’t think so? Answer this. What is the first thing that you look at when searching for new profiles to follow for engaging content? It’s the number of followers, isn’t it?

A high follower count indicates that the account holds great influence in the respective industry or niche. It also signifies that the content creator or brand posts engaging content for its users.

This article discusses some effective and proven ways to get Twitter followers for free the right way. Now that we are done with the fine print, let’s dive in.

14 Proven Tactics to get Twitter Followers for Free

Let’s break down the tactics that can help you get Twitter followers for free. Just to make it clear, it does not include buying bot followers or any such tactics.

  1. Tweet more

Unlike Facebook or Instagram where posting once or twice a day is enough to draw attention to your profile, Twitter requires a much more aggressive marketing approach. Posts on Twitter stay in the users’ Twitter feed for an awfully short time (15-20 minutes) unless it draws a lot of engagement. So you have to post more to draw attention to your brand.

We suggest posting anywhere between 5-8 times each day. Some brands even post 12-15 times each day just to stay in the users’ Twitter feeds. The key here is to not only post original content but also news updates and trending content related to your industry.

  1. Find the right time to tweet

The lifespan of a tweet in an average Twitter user’s feed is between 15-20 minutes. After this time frame, if the tweet does not garner enough engagement, it is buried below new updates and tweets that the user is interested in.

To drive engagement you have to post when the users are most active. Using a Twitter analytics tool, you can analyze the performance of your tweets. This will help you identify the time frame when your users are online and most likely to engage with your content thus increasing engagement.

  1. Tweet more newsworthy and highly shareable content

Planning an engaging content marketing strategy just with original content is not easy. Even seasoned marketers and brands struggle to achieve that. One way to overcome this is by retweeting highly shareable content and URLs posted by other users. Just make sure that the content is related to your industry.

Track news sources and trends related to your industry and share them regularly. It will give users a reason to keep coming back for more and eventually follow your profile.

  1. Use more visual content in your tweets

There is no shortage of content on social media or the internet as a whole. But not every piece of content is engaging for the users. Tweets or links to blogs or similar content look bland and not visually appealing for the users. You can enhance your content by adding visual content by adding images, videos, infographics, more. It will help you draw more eyes to your content.

Also, Twitter prioritizes videos directly uploaded to the platform. These videos start playing as soon as the user scrolls through his/her timeline and reaches your content. As short video content formats are getting increasingly popular, you can create short videos that will auto-play and direct the user’s attention to your tweet or message.

  1. Share content that adds value

Identifying what your users are interested in crucial to developing an engaging content strategy. The best way to identify your audience’s interests is by analyzing the performance of your past tweets. Look for tweets that have the most engagement and then identify the topics discussed in those tweets. You can also check the most engaging tweets of your competitors to find more engaging topics that can draw the attention of users and add value by proving relevant information.

  1. Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most effective tools that can enhance your tweet’s SEO authority, therefore, drawing more eyes and engagement. Although, not every hashtag can help you do that. You have to find the right content hashtags that users search for to find relevant information. One way to find such hashtags is by finding the hashtags your competitors use in their tweets. You can also use a third-party hashtag analytics tool to identify the right popular hashtags.

  1. Engage with your followers

Engaging with your follower is one of the best ways to encourage more users to engage with and follow your brand. Adding a bit of humor to the mix can be more effective. It can help you build conversations that have the potential to go viral and attract more users to your Twitter profile.

  1. Engage with other brands

Engaging with other brands is another effective way to build conversations. Some brands have even mastered the art of humor while engaging with other brands. Conversations that users cannot stop from retweeting or engaging with. The conversations help these brands create enough buzz about their brand that helps get followers for free.

  1. Retweet and follow your most engaging followers

Posting content consistently is important, but so is engaging with your followers. Look for followers that frequently engage with your content. Give more emphasis to followers that often post comments along with the ones that help create conversations related to your content or brand. You can also follow back some of your most engaging followers, thus motivating more followers to engage with your brand.

  1. Host Twitter contests and giveaways

Hosting a Twitter contest is one of the best ways to get Twitter followers for free. I mean, who doesn’t want free stuff from brands. Decide on a specific number of units you want to giveaway and inform users about the conditions they have to follow to participate in the contest and win.

  1. Optimize your profile

Your profile is the first thing that users see when they search your Twitter handle. But if you have an incomplete profile with certain important elements missing, it doesn’t leave a good impression. Make sure to use every element of your Twitter profile to describe what your brand does. Update your brand logo, your products, and services, options to get in contact, and most importantly, your website link to guide traffic to your website.

  1. Find users within your network

The most basic but effective way to get Twitter followers for free is by finding users that you know and connect with them. Many users are hesitant when it comes to uploading contact details or syncing their contact list with Twitter. But doing so can help you find users that you know and will most probably follow you or your brand.

  1. Add follow buttons on your website and blogs

Social media follow buttons on your website is another great way to Twitter followers for free. If you run a blog, make sure to add share and follow buttons for them as well. Instead of going to Twitter and searching your profile, users can just click on the follow buttons to check your profile on all the social media platforms that you use.

  1. Don’t buy fake followers

Now the last probably the most important tip, don’t buy fake followers. It’s true that they drastically increase your followers, but now users have various analytical tools that can detect fake followers or automated bot accounts. Besides, what’s the point of having a large follower base if they are not interested in your products and services. Also, now there are various tools that can easily detect fake followers from any public Twitter account.

Wrapping Up

Twitter is a highly competitive social media platform and it has become more difficult to draw users to your Twitter profile. But with a combination of an engaging content strategy and tactics to guide users to your Twitter profile can do wonders for your brand. FollowersAnalysis is a great tool that can help you analyze and understand the likes and preferences of your target audience. Do give it a try!

14 Legit and Proven Ways to Get Twitter Followers for Free?
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14 Legit and Proven Ways to Get Twitter Followers for Free?
14 Legit and Proven Ways to Get Twitter Followers for Free?
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