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influencer marketing strategies

Social media marketing has become an integral part of advertising in the new age of technology. Revenue on digital ads rose by 12% in 2020 despite the negative economic effects of the pandemic, as reported by CNBC. It is also projected to continue growing during the coming years, accumulating income from many different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Aside from the aforementioned social media sites, Twitter is another one that has a vast audience, garnering millions of active users. This makes it the perfect platform that brands can use to market their products, services, or even themselves. It is also useful when utilized for influencer marketing as these individuals can reach a whole new demographic within 280 characters or less. So, if you want to be able to maximize your Twitter account by partnering with famous personalities, here are a few key strategies you can use:

Find the right influencers you can collaborate with

The first step in influencer marketing is finding the right kind of people you want your company to work with. This means connecting with people who fit the image of your company, have a substantial following, and have a good reputation. A study done by faculty members from Appalachian State University found that influencers can greatly affect a brand’s credibility and sway the market. Collaborating with the right people can increase your company’s appeal with consumers and bring you a new audience to convert into paying customers. Be sure to do your due diligence and vet the influencers before deciding whether you can collaborate with them.

Make use of analytics

Another strategy you should be making use of is taking into account the data and analytics Twitter can offer brands and users. This will help you understand whether the content you are posting is garnering enough attention and even when the best time to post based on your followers’ interaction statistics. Followers Analysis offers clients a comprehensive report on their followers’ behavior on Twitter as well as export over 3,200 tweets from any public account. This will enable your marketing team to maximize your account and social media presence through data and statistics. This will also help your business gain a deeper understanding of the demographic you are serving. In addition, you can learn whether or not the influencer you are collaborating with is getting the desired results and engagement.

Cultivate a community for your followers

One of the benefits of Twitter is the possibility of finding like-minded people with whom you can interact. This is why it is important to use your platform to cultivate a community between your followers. This will help you organically grow your engagement rates as well as increase your brand visibility. A networking guide by LHH explains that you can do this by offering useful information regarding your industry or by having meaningful interactions with your audience (through replying to them or answering their queries via direct messages). You can also encourage the influencers you are working with to interact with your followers as a representative of your company. This will help build better engagement between your organization and its following.

Be consistent with your branding

This is an essential part of any marketing strategy but more so in a digital landscape. Forbes highlights that branding helps people recognize your company easily, build trust with your audience, and increase customer loyalty. When crafting your Twitter profile, be sure to upload your business’ logo as the account’s profile picture and use a username that can easily be associated with your brand. Have the influencer you are working with create a hashtag that your audience will identify with and that is in line with your organization’s goals. This will establish a better connection between your company and your partner’s followers.

Twitter is a great social media platform to use when collaborating with different influencers. With its wide user base, your company could reach new levels of credibility and popularity. Use these tips and strategies to make your Twitter marketing collaborations more effective.

4 Key Influencer Marketing Strategies for Twitter
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4 Key Influencer Marketing Strategies for Twitter
The blog discusses the right approach for an influencer marketing campaign on Twitter. Learn how to find the right influencer and how to leverage them to increase your brand's social media presence and influence.
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